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Ottawa Movers: Surcharges for High-Risk Items

A baby grand piano in a home
A home with valuable furniture and a piano

How & Why We Charge Extra for Some Items

 In some households, there are certain items that can require extra time, effort and attention from our Ottawa moving crews. Some are high-risk items. Some are high-risk services. Other items are high risk both to themselves and to a moving crew. We’re talking about moving things like pianos, heavy furniture, heavy appliances (refrigerators, washers & dryers, etc.), pool tables and other items that weigh a lot and/or are very expensive and/or fragile. 

It is a standard practice in the Ottawa moving industry to add a surcharge for moving high-risk items or performing high-risk services.

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Surcharges For Moving High Risk Items

These figures are examples of our typical surcharges for moving high-risk items and hoisting furniture. As many variables can affect the moving and hoisting processes, these figures may vary depending on individual circumstances and the difficulty of access. Surcharges are in addition to hourly rates for the crew. If hoisting is the only service required, a flat rate can be arranged.

Piano Moving Surcharges


Apartment-size piano (Spinet)

36″-38″ tall;
300-350 Lbs


Upright regular
piano (Console)

39″-44″ tall;
350-400 Lbs


Upright tall
piano (Studio)

45″-47″ tall;
400-500 Lbs


Upright full piano (Professional)

48″-52″ tall;
500-600 Lbs


Victorian or

53″-60″ tall;
600-800 Lbs

Hot Tubs, Pool Tables, & Aquariums

Charges are figured on a case-by-case basis.

Furniture Hoisting Surcharges

$75 per item
per story

Furniture & Appliances

under 100 Lbs

$150 per item
per story

Furniture & Appliances

101 to 200 Lbs

$250 per item
per story

Furniture & Appliances

201 to 300 Lbs


Furniture & Appliances

Over 301 Lbs

(may require lift/crane)

Experienced Professional Ottawa Movers

Moving high-risk items improperly or unsafely can result in injury and/or significant damage. Our teams of professional, WSIB-covered movers are trained to move your high-risk items properly and safely with the use of specialized equipment and safety gear. We have the utmost respect and confidence in our Ottawa moving crews, so you can rest assured that your move is in good hands! If you’re looking for a stress-free move and recognize that there is more to the cost of a move than just the hourly rate, don’t settle for less than First Rate Movers.