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Professional Furniture Hoisting Service

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Professional Furniture Hosting by your Ottawa Moving Pros

First Rate Movers offers professional hoisting services in Ottawa. We can hoist couches, beds, and other bulky furniture items that can’t fit through stairways or entranceways. Our teams have years of experience hoisting furniture through windows and over balconies in Ottawa.

Hoisting furniture can be dangerous if done improperly. Don’t risk injury to yourself or others by attempting to hoist beds, sofas, or other items of furniture without the proper equipment or techniques. Not only can personal injury occur, but the furniture being hoisted and the home  can often be damaged in the process.

Our team of professional movers is protected by WSIB and trained on how to safely and effectively hoist furniture. Furniture is covered for full replacement value through our cargo insurance. Furniture is padded/wrapped and proper hoisting straps are used. In most cases, hoisting will require the use of safety harnesses, which the crew will have available to them.

We hoist items to a maximum of 50 feet or 3 stories of a building. Where hoisting can not be safely performed, furniture elevators, scissor lifts, or cranes may be employed to accomplish the task. Leave the heavy lifting to us! We have experienced crews and the best equipment to hoist your furniture safely. 

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We have the experienced crews and the best equipment to get the furniture hoisting job done right!

See our Table of Surcharges for typical hoisting rates. Due to the many variables that can affect the hoisting process, these figures may vary depending on individual circumstances and the difficulty of access. Additional costs will apply when motorized equipment is required to lift items. If your move requires furniture hoisting, you can count on our team at First Rate Movers to get the job done. Contact us today to book your move!

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