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Movers from First Rate Movers load boxes onto a truck
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When it comes to long distance moves, it’s important to work with an experienced company. Our team at First Rate movers is not only dedicated to taking exceptional care of your belongings but also co-ordinating even the smallest details of your trip to ensure a stress-free move. 

Our locally owned Ottawa moving company is proud to offer long distance moving services for clients that are moving to or from the Greater Ottawa Area to anywhere across Ontario. Whether you’re moving 150 kilometres or 750 kilometres, you can count on our team to get the job done. 

What Is Considered A Long-Distance Move?

At First Rate Movers, we consider any move that starts or ends more than 100 kilometres from Ottawa’s City Hall to be a long-distance move. If you are unsure whether or not your move counts as long-distance, contact our team directly and we would be more than happy to assist you.  

Three wardrobe boxes
Moving furniture in Ottawa

How Much Are Long-Distance Moving Expenses?

Pricing for long-distance moves is based on an hourly rate for loading the contents onto the truck and then offloading at the destination plus a flat rate charge for travel time. The travel charge is based on the distance between locations and depends on the size of the crew and truck. This charge covers the cost of getting the crew to the job, travel between locations, fuel, kilometres, hotel stays, meal allowances and returning to the office at the end of the job. 

Charging for travel time in this manner allows customers to better predict the cost of the move as poor weather conditions, accidents, detours, and other delays will not affect the cost. 

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At First Rate Movers, we consider any move that starts or ends more than 100 kilometres from Ottawa’s City Hall to be a long-distance move. If you are unsure whether or not your move counts as long-distance, contact our team directly and we would be more than happy to assist you.  

Cutting Costs With Consolidated Moving

Moving to or from Ottawa from within Ontario? Save Up to 30%!

The travel charge usually comprises the largest portion of the bill on an inter-city move and can be disproportionately expensive for smaller moves. To make things more cost-effective, clients with smaller movers will often opt for consolidated or “backhaul” (return) trips in an effort to reduce this cost. This can allow customers to save up to 30% by sharing some of the travel costs. Even clients with larger moves can save money if we can manage to co-ordinate a move returning to Ottawa from their destination city. 

For example: 

You hire a 2-man moving crew at $175/hour. Your move starts in Ottawa at 8:30 AM and the crew finishes loading by 10:00 AM. Your crew starts unloading at your new place in Toronto at 5:00 PM and finishes at 6:30 PM. The elapsed time for your loading and unloading your belongings is 3 hours. In a dedicated trip, you are billed a flat rate of $2,350 for travel. You are offered a $600 discount on the travel charge for taking part in a consolidated trip. Your bill totals to 3 hours of labour x $175 = $525 + $1,750 travel charge ($2,350 less $600 discount) = $2,275 + tax. 

A First Rate Movers moving truck

Why Choose First Rate Movers For Your Long-Distance Move?

For nearly 2 decades, our company has stood out against the competition. Through our commitment to excellent customer service and our commitment to our staff, we attract the highest quality professional movers in Ottawa to ensure your belongings are in trusted hands. All of our movers are well-trained, bonded, WSIB-covered, and properly equipped. The confidence we have in our professional moving crews allows us to include full replacement value insurance coverage in our rates. 

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To work with a trusted long-distance moving company in Ottawa, reach out to First Rate Movers today. Our team is ready to expertly facilitate your long-distance move and take the stress away from your moving day.  

FAQ About Our Long-Distance Moving Services

Absolutely! This is one of our most common long-distance moves. Whether you’re moving to Ottawa from Toronto, or From Ottawa to Toronto, we have you covered. Visit one of the pages below to learn more about these services: 

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When you choose First Rate Movers, you’re choosing quality. We don’t cut corners, and we provide the best-rated service in the Ottawa moving industry. We are the highest rated/reviewed moving company on the Better Business Bureau and have more than 500 reviews on Google that speak to our level of customer satisfaction. If this is the type of company you are looking to work with, we are the perfect fit for you. Compare us against the competition 

Our #1 recommendation to cut costs on long-distance moving expenses is through consolidated moving services. Learn more about consolidated moving services or contact our team directly to speak with a moving coordinator!