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Checklist for Your Move-Out / Move-In

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Prior To Your Move

1 Month
One Month Prior To The Move
  • Change address with
  • Notify doctors, dentists, and other service providers.
  • Order moving and packing supplies.
  • Contact charitable organizations regarding household items to be donated.
  • Sort and discard unwanted items.
  • Confirm elevator, loading dock, parking space reservations at origin and destination.
  • Begin packing, clearly labeling boxes with name, contents, and room destination.
2 Weeks
Two Weeks Prior To The Move
  • Notify registry of motor vehicles.
  • Notify telephone company.
  • Notify electric company.
  • Notify gas company.
  • Notify alarm company.
  • Notify cable company.
  • Notify water company.
  • Notify oil company.
  • Make arrangements for disassembly of difficult furniture
  • Remove all permanently affixed items from walls (e.g. drapes, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans).
  • 1 Week
    One Week Prior To The Move
    • Confirm date and time with moving company.
    • Provide moving company with new telephone number.
    • Remove fragile and loose items from drawers.
    • Notify gas company to schedule disconnection of gas dryers and stoves.
    • Start moving uninsured and precious items (eg. plants, unpacked electronics, figurines, etc …)
    1 Day
    One Day Prior To The Move
    • Consolidate fragile boxes in one area.
    • Separate items not intended for transport by movers.
    • Confirm telephones are in working order at both locations.
    • Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted, drained, washed and thoroughly dried.
    • Drain water bed.
    • Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers and snow blowers.
    • Clear walkways and driveway for improved access during inclement weather.
    • Isolate checkbook, keys, cash and credit cards.
    • If paying cash, withdraw enough to cover the move. (people often forget they have daily withdrawal limits on ATMs)