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Moving to Ottawa? 

Book with First Rate Movers and save up to 30% on a Consolidated or “Back-Haul” Trip.

Our crews at First Rate Movers facilitate moves to and from the greater Toronto area weekly. Whether you’re planning to move to Ottawa from Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough or any other Toronto location, get in touch with us. We also deliver to Brockville, Kingston, Belleville, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering and other towns along the 401 corridor to Toronto.

If you are planning to move from Toronto to Ottawa or anywhere in the GTA to Ottawa, you can benefit from substantial savings by coordinating your move through First Rate Movers on a truck returning from one of these trips. This is referred to as a “back-haul” and typically allows us to offer similar savings to those that a consumer would gain by taking part in a consolidated move. Unlike a consolidated move, however, return trips usually only contain one shipment. This means your belongings are the only delivery on the truck. This also means that your delivery will be made the same or the next day which can often be an important factor.

The cost of a long-distance move within Ontario is broken into two parts:

  • An hourly rate for labour to load and unload the truck
  • A flat-rate travel charge to cover all or a portion of travel-related expenses
  • Expenses include wages for driving time, fuel, kilometres, food and lodging for the crew, and any other necessary services

The savings realized by taking part in a “back-haul” are the result of a reduction in travel charges. This is due to other parties, moving to Toronto, absorbing a large portion of the travel costs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move to Ottawa from Toronto?

Breakdown of Our Moving Services Cost.

For an average trip from Toronto to Ottawa, the travel charges would usually be around $2350 depending on the size of the truck involved. On a return trip aligned with a scheduled delivery to Toronto, a moving customer could expect as much as 30% off of the regular travel charge. This can result in substantial savings.

A small two-bedroom apartment usually takes around 5 hours of labour to load to and from the moving truck. At an average rate of $175 per hour, $875 would be the labour portion of the moving cost. This size of move would fit in the 20′ truck for which the travel charge would normally be around $2350 or so. On a regular move, this customer could expect to pay $3225 to move their 2-bedroom apartment. However, if the customer is flexible on the moving date and books a crew to move them from Toronto to Ottawa on a return trip, the travel charge is reduced by almost 30% which saves them $700 off the total cost of the move. They end up paying $2525 instead of $3225 to move items for a two-bedroom apartment.

Our trucks have to get back to Ottawa somehow, so we’re happy to offer this affordable moving service to anyone moving to Ottawa. If you’re planning to move to Ottawa from Toronto or surrounding areas, work with First Rate Movers to book a “back-haul” trip.

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