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Experienced Ottawa Piano

Safe and professional piano moving by Ottawa’s best movers. If your move involves an upright piano, we are the Ottawa piano movers you can count on to get the job done right.

To avoid damage, it’s important to hire movers who are experienced in moving pianos. Many customers often overlook the potential damage that can be caused while moving a piano. Having your piano moved by amateurs can be a costly mistake. If not handled professionally, a piano can cause extensive and expensive damage to a home. If either the origin or destination has a hardwood floor or marble/porcelain tile, a piano can cause significant damage if not handled with care. Professional piano movers are equipped with the right piano moving equipment to get the job done right and without damage to the piano, your home, or the movers.

At First Rate Movers, we only move vertical (upright) pianos and only if a proper piano skid can be used. We will only move pianos if there are less than 6 stairs involved at either location. The piano must remain upright. We will not place a piano on its end under any circumstances.

There will be surcharges for moving pianos, depending on their size. These surcharges are in addition to the hourly rate being charged for the moving crew. Take a look at how much it may cost to move a piano in Ottawa. 

How Much Is the Surcharge for
Ottawa Piano Moving?


Apartment-size piano (Spinet)

36″-38″ tall;
300-350 Lbs


Upright regular piano (Console)

39″-44″ tall;
350-400 Lbs


Upright tall piano (Studio)

45″-47″ tall;
400-500 Lbs


Upright full piano

48″-52″ tall;
500-600 Lbs


Victorian or

53″-60″ tall;
600-800 Lbs

* For moving just a piano, you can expect the average cost to be around $1 per pound plus the surcharge. This is just a rough guideline of typical costs for moving a piano locally. Factors such as the date, crew size, access, and locations could result in the actual cost being higher.

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