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What Is Consolidated Moving?

Consolidated moving services will save you money on long-distance moving expenses. The most expensive part of any long-distance move is usually the cost of travel for the moving crew. The travel cost is the portion of the overall moving cost that pays for the movers, truck, fuel, motel, downtime, and any other costs that the moving company may incur during the trip. 

Different moving companies have different ways of passing on this cost to the customer. At First Rate Movers, we use Flat Rate fees on our long-distance moves to protect our customers from extra expenses due to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

By using our consolidated moving services, you can share the expenses of your long distance move with another client and save even more money. 

The Different Types of Consolidated Moving Services


Flat Rate Travel Charge + Labour for Loading/Unloading

  • Flat rate travel charge based on distance/time.
  • Travel charge does not change unless the customer changes the locations involved, regardless of how long the crew is on the road or what obstacles are encountered
  • Travel charge can be 100% guaranteed before the customer even books the job
  • No fuels surcharges like most companies
  • Only variable cost is the hourly charge for labour to load and unload the truck
  • Least common but most reliable estimates for long distance moves.


  • Very rarely used for long-distance moves
  • Can be done by charging for exact time, fixed time, travel time or moving time
  • One of the least preferred methods as there are a lot of factors that may influence the time a moving crew spends on the road. Accidents, traffic congestion, detours, weather, and other factors can result in significant cost
  • Movers that use this method often impose additional fees to the client such as fuel and mileage surcharges.



  • Most long-distance moves are estimated and charged based on weight.
  • Van lines and inter-provincial haulers often have many customers being loaded to and from large moving trailers at several locations as they make their way across the country. Billing in this manner allows them to assign each customer a cost based on the amount of the allowable weight limit of the trailer that they are using.
  • Quotes are based on estimated shipment weights which are very often inaccurate. The shipment is weighed after it is loaded to the truck/trailer and the customer is then billed based on the actual shipment rate.
  • With no weighing scale at the destination, the final charge can be difficult to dispute, and reweighing could end in additional costs to the shipper.
  • Almost all moves billed for in this manner will be subject to fuel and/or mileage surcharges



  • Usually only offered by commercial freight forwarders but sometimes used in mixed commercial/residential shipments where the customer is responsible for loading/unloading the truck/trailers (eg. ABF U-Pack).
  • Calculated by volume (cubic feet) or by the length of the truck that is occupied (linear feet)
  • Almost never used by actual residential moving companies
  • Can save customers a lot of money in most cases but there are drawbacks
  • Usually no padding, protection or straps available to secure items
  • Insurance will usually not cover damage to household items and is limited to accident coverage

Save on Moving Expenses With Consolidated Moving

At First Rate Movers, we offer consolidated moving services to or from the GTA as long as the move starts or ends in the Greater Ottawa Area. We are proud to offer this service to help offset costs and save our clients’ money on their long-distance move.  

Simply speak with a moving co-ordinator and let them know your anticipated moving dates and requirements and we may be able to make a multi-purpose trip out of your move. This can include sharing a moving truck with another client that has a similar destination, or co-ordinating a “Back Haul” trip where we arrange to bring back another client’s belongings on the return trip.  

Why Choose First Rate Movers

When it comes to long-distance moving and consolidated movers, not a lot of companies offer this opportunity for their customers to save expenses. Even though there are limited options for this service, our team make a conscious effort to ensure our services go above and beyond the industry standards and our clients’ expectations.  

Our primary focus at First Rate Movers is to provide exceptional quality moving services, ensuring your belongings are in experienced hands at every step of your move. All of our movers are well-trained, bonded, WSIB-covered, and properly equipped. 

If you have any questions or concerns about choosing First Rate Movers, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with a co-ordinator from our team. We would be happy to answer questions, address concerns and plan your next move. 

Book A Consolidated Move To or From Ottawa With First Rate Movers!

To book a consolidated moving service to or from Ottawa, reach out to First Rate Movers today. We are happy to help you arrange the details of your long-distance move and save you money in the process. You can contact us directly by phone or fill out our online estimate form and we will get back in touch with you. 

FAQs about Consolidated Moving Services

Consolidated moving is ideal for anyone looking to save costs on their long-distance move. It is often necessary in order to take part in a consolidated trip that you have some flexibility with your moving dates and pickup/delivery times to guarantee the most savings.

Some of our clients have saved up to 30% of their flat rate moving fees with our consolidated moving services. Each trip is unique so we can never guarantee a certain discount, but our moving co-ordinators are dedicated to finding the best solution for your moving needs.

Our consolidated moving services are exclusively available to those moving between The Greater Ottawa Area and the Greater Toronto Area. If you have any questions about our consolidated moving services and if they are right for you, contact our team today.