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Preparing Appliances Before Moving

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Tips from Ottawa Movers to Prepare Your Appliances

Appliances may be some of the most expensive items you own so take the right steps to protect them. In preparing large appliances for a move, it is important that they be clean and dry to avoid the build up of mildew and mold.

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Packing your own appliances? Here’s your guide to pack smart and simply.

Appliance Preparation



Clean and dry it thoroughly. Disconnect and drain the hoses. Leave the door open for a few days prior to the move. Wrap dry hoses in towels and packing paper and place inside the dishwasher.


Washing Machine

Clean and dry it thoroughly. Disconnect and drain the hoses.

  • Wrap metal connector ends of hoses in a towel and place inside the washer.
  • Secure the tub following the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent swaying. Note: If you don’t have the manufacturers guidelines, you can purchase a washer kit with a manual that provides instructions on how to secure the tub by tightening down the tub using screws. If you prefer not to do it yourself, your professional moving estimator can arrange a third party service provider for you.
  • Upon arrival to your new home, have the washer installed by a qualified installer.


Clothes Dryer

Before cleaning, unplug or turn off the dryer from electrical power.

  • Clean the lint screen.
  • Prior to plugging in your electric dryer at your new residence, have your power supply checked for the correct electrical requirements.
  • If you are moving a gas dryer, the appliance should be disconnected and the gas line capped off by a qualified technician. The driver and the crew members are not qualified to perform this service. Your professional estimator can make the arrangements for you.


Stove Top/Range/Oven

Clean each thoroughly. Grease left on a stovetop will catch dust and dirt, and unfortunately, leave spots on anything that it touches. Detach all removable parts and pack safely in a box, clearly marked with the contents.

  • If you are moving a gas range, it must be disconnected prior to moving day by a qualified service technician. The gas line must be properly secured also.
  • If you have an electric range, generally no servicing at your present residence is required.
  • When arriving at your new residence with your gas range, you will need a qualified gas installer to check your gas supply, connect the gas line, seal any openings, light the pilot and handle any other hook-up requirements.



Empty all contents, defrost, and then dry out refrigerators and freezers (especially those that contain an icemaker).

This is important as fridges and freezers should remain unplugged for at least 6 hours after delivery to avoid damage to their compressors.

  • Unplug the power cord and wash and dry all removable parts thoroughly.
  • Allow the parts, including the interior of the refrigerator and freezer, to dry thoroughly to allow all moisture to evaporate.
  • Pack all loose parts including bins and shelves in a secured, approved container.
  • Vacuum the condenser or compressor.
  • Empty and clean the evaporator pan; allow time for it to dry.
  • Before moving, turn off the water and disconnect the water line if you have a cold water dispenser or automatic icemaker.
  • Empty the water reservoir.
  • If your refrigerator or freezer is an older model, you may have to have the compressor or motor bolted down.
  • Have the icemaker and water dispenser connected to waterline by a professional.
  • Know that copper tubing, a shut-off valve and fittings may be required.


Microwave Oven

Remove any glass trays, wrap and securely pack them in a carton.

  • The microwave can either be placed in its original box, if available and still in good shape, or a well-cushioned carton.
  • If your microwave is large, ask your moving professional if it can be pad-wrapped on moving day.
  • Do not place cardboard in the door opening because it can spring the door during transit.
  • Take care not to block the exhaust vent when installing it at your new home.

Packing your TV

Step 1: Gather supplies

Once you've made the decision to pack a TV, gather the tools you'll require, starting with the box the TV came in. This will be the ideal approach to pack the TV if you have saved the original TV box and packing supplies. The packaging materials were created to hold the TV firmly and cushion the screen without allowing any shifting inside the box, and the box is precisely the right size to fit the device.

Step 2: Prepare the TV for Packing

  • Remove the TV from the wall, TV mount, or remove any legs or stand from the body of theTV..
  • Collect the accessories into plastic storage bags and label for the device, then place them together.
  • Protect the TV Screen as the screen material is vulnerable to damage from scratches.

Step 3: Pack the TV Securely

Label the top and front of the TV in big letters on the exterior of the box after securely taping it. Additionally, make sure the package is clearly marked "FRAGILE" in multiple locations.

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