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How many boxes for a typical move?

The following are the typical number of boxes we find on moves:

1-bedroom apartment: 20-25 boxes/bins

2-bedroom apartment: 40-50 boxes/bins

3-bedroom apartment: 60-70 boxes/bins

1-bedroom house: 30-40 boxes/bins

2-bedroom house: 50-60 boxes/bins

3-bedroom house: 70-90 boxes/bins

4-bedroom house: 90-120 boxes/bins


Most household contents should be packed into medium-size (2 cu ft) boxes.
Use smaller boxes (1.5 cu ft) for books, DVDs, and other such heavy items.
Use larger boxes (4-6 cu ft) for lighter/bulky items such as duvets, pillows, winter coats, Tupperware.

Try to use as many standard-size (medium) moving boxes/bins as possible and make sure boxes are well-packed and taped closed. As a general rule, anything small enough to fit in a box/bin should be packed in one (this includes most electronics and countertop appliances). You should aim to keep the weight of boxes/bins under 20Kg (44Lbs). Avoid packing in garbage bags or liquor store boxes as these will make for a much less efficient move.


* These are typical numbers based on averages and may be substantially higher or lower, depending on circumstances. For example, if a 4-bedroom home had only one occupant and that person only lived there for a few years, there might only be 30-40 boxes to be moved. On the other hand, if a 4-bedroom home had 5 occupants and that was their home for the last 15 years, there could be 120 to 150 boxes/bins to be moved.