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How to Safely Move Your Big Screen TV

Moving your belongings can be a challenge. There is the planning and logistics that go into finding movers, getting quotes, and setting up a pickup and delivery time. There is also safeguarding your most delicate possessions to ensure a successful delivery. In particular, one of the most common and challenging items to ship safely is a big screen TV. Becoming a ubiquitous part of modern living, the big screen TV will put up several hurdles that you have to overcome if you want to ensure a smooth delivery. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review how to safely move your big screen TV.

Consider Getting The Right Box

Were you aware that they make boxes specifically for big screen TVs? Your best bet is to go with the box that the big screen TV originally came in. If you cannot secure that television box, then you will want to choose a box that best fits the dimensions of your TV. Size 1 boxes cover up to 37 inches. Size 2 boxes cover up to 46 inches. Size 3 boxes cover up to 54 inches. Successfully packaging a TV larger than 54 inches will require you telescoping two boxes around either end and taping them together to provide full coverage.

Prepare The TV For Moving

Unscrew any base for the TV. If any part of the TV needs to be protected, it will be the screen. The one thing you want to avoid is pressure impact over the moving process as this can destroy parts of the screen. You will want to wrap the screen in sheets and blankets. You will want to wrap that with bubble wrap until everything is securely in place. If you are placing the TV in a box, then you can use crumpled up newspaper as a back support.

Consider Hiring Professionals To Pack/Move

True, hiring Ottawa movers will cost you money. However, by having someone experienced with moving TVs take care of packing and moving the TV from one home to the next, you can guarantee that your TV will arrive unhurt. Consider the current cost of your television and how much it would cost to replace. For a fraction of that cost, you can hire Ottawa movers to ensure that your TV does not risk damage. Having handled countless televisions in the past, they will be able to provide invaluable experience that will give you peace of mind.

Soon enough, you’ll be relaxing in your living room watching the Sens do battle on your big screen TV…if the kids don’t take it over to watch Paw Patrol.