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Furniture Hoisting – Leave it to the Pros

If you have large and heavy items that require hoisting during a move, it’s important that you never attempt to perform this on your own. If there were ever a time to let the professionals handle something – this is it! Whether it’s your china hutch or your extra large sofa, when you have a large piece of furniture and a small, tight staircase to contend with, it’s time to call the pros to handle it. Furniture hoisting without training, experience, and the proper equipment (including safety harnesses) can be dangerous and simply isn’t worth the risks involved.

So if you’ve been contemplating how to get those clunky items out of your home, here are a few good reasons why you should always leave it to the professionals.

Safety First

The process of moving can involve a lot of different obstacles and circumstances that can easily lead to injury if you’re not properly trained and experienced. Having the correct footing, knowing how to position yourself, and being experienced at manoeuvring items through awkward stairwells and windows is so crucial for avoiding injury. Hoisting furniture should never be attempted without using the proper safety harnesses. Balcony railings are not meant to support the combined weight of two people and a large piece of furniture. Railings can give way, causing serious injury and/or death. Always consider your safety first and the benefits of leaving this kind of work to the pros instead.

Damaged Furniture

You want your furniture to arrive in your new home in one piece and without any damage. The likelihood of damage occurring drastically increases once you combine inexperience with the job of furniture hoisting. Professional movers will wrap/pad furniture prior to hoisting it and use professional straps and harness to ensure that you furniture makes it into your home in one piece and without damage.

Damage to Property

As well as the possibility of damaging furniture or injuring yourself or others, hoisting items can also cause significant damage to the home if not done properly. Consider the surroundings in the area where the hoisting will take place. Are there windows nearby or a porch with railing below that balcony you are hoisting to? One wrong move could end with that couch you were hoisting smashing through a window or breaking those porch railings, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

Insurance Coverage

If an accident does occur, you want to ensure there’s adequate insurance to cover any damages. With a professionally qualified moving company like First Rate Movers, you can rest assured since they have the necessary coverage in case of any related incidents.

When it comes down to it, taking on the heavy burden of furniture hoisting on your own or with inexperienced buddies, just isn’t worth it, for both your safety and the safety of the items and property. Contact the pros at First Rate Movers, and we will gladly take care of it and your entire moving process for you.