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Free Short-Term Storage in Ottawa

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Free & Discounted Storage in Ottawa

Our storage is a better, safer, and more convenient alternative to self-storage. We offer up to 10 days of short-term storage for free* and up to 90 days of storage at discounted rates**. This service is only available to customers using our services to move to and from storage. This is not self-storage and our customers do not have access to their belongings while in our storage.

Insured While in Storage

While stored with us, our client’s possessions remain wrapped/padded and covered for 100% full replacement value insurance. This is the best possible insurance coverage available in the moving and storage industries. No self-storage or mobile storage “protection policies” even come close. Our storage containers are weatherproof and rodentproof but not climate controlled. They are located in a secure, gated facility with video surveillance, laser perimeter fence, and high-security locking systems

The Move Out Of Storage

The move out of storage will be subject to the same minimum charges as per the move in except that the hourly rates may vary depending on the date. We require advance notice when booking a crew to remove the items from storage and this is subject to our availability. As our moving crews typically book up a month or two in advance, it is recommended that clients book their date for the move out of storage when booking the initial move. If it becomes necessary for our clients to change the date for the move out of storage, we may not be able to accommodate the desired date. In such cases, the move out of storage would have to wait until the next available date. We will always try our best to accommodate changes in scheduled dates if at all possible.

Do Not Place in Storage

The following items should not be placed in non-climate controlled storage: records, oil paintings, heavily lacquered antique furniture, liquids, food, or cans/bottles of anything.

* Subject to availability. The offer of free storage is only available to clients in storage for less than 10 days.
** Our discounted rates are up to 50% less than we would normally charge. The storage is used as a loss leader to get the moving business. After 90 days, we reserve the right to increase the rates by up to 100% to reflect regular storage rates.


Ottawa Self Storage
If you require longer-term storage or need access to your belongings while in storage, then self-storage may be the solution you are looking for. The following chart can help you determine the unit size required to fit all of your belongings securely. To be on the safe side, you should consider renting a slightly larger storage space.


SizeSq.Ft.Equivalent SpaceVehicle Req’dCan Be Used To Store:
5×525Hall closetPick-upBoxes/Misc
5×1050Walk-in closetCargo vanBdrm set/living room set
5×1575Large walk-in14′ truckSmall 1-bdrm apartment
10×10100Small Bedroom16′ truck1-bedroom apartment
10×15150Large Bedroom24′ truckSmall 2-bdrm apartment
10×20200Single garage24′ truck2-bdrm house
10×25250Large garage26′ truck3-bdrm house
10×303001 1/2 car garage30′ trailer4-bdrm house
10×404002 car garage40′ trailer5-bdrm house
Three wardrobe moving boxes