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Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move

Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move

If you’re planning to relocate in the near future, chances are you may be starting to feel those flutters of stress that often come along with this process. But even though moving is a relatively big undertaking, with a little prep and organization ahead of time, you can eliminate your stress for a completely hassle-free move. Here’s everything you need to prepare for your Ottawa move so you can be well prepared for the big day:

Early Prep and Dejunking

The sooner you can jump on the preparation process, the easier it will be for you since you can gradually scratch off one or two things on your to-do list every day. This early prep stage should include:

  • Dejunking your home, room by room– discard, recycle or donate anything you haven’t used in the past year or will never realistically use again. 
  • Create a master checklist to keep on track and organized. 
  • Take inventory of the items that will be coming to your new home so you can book the appropriate movers and trucks. Specifically, list out your large appliances and furniture to get a proper estimate once you book.
  • Notify your employer to take the time off that’s needed. 
  • Make a plan for your kids or pets so they won’t be in the way.

Book Your Movers

Once you have an idea of all the belongings you’ll be taking with you, it’s time to book your movers. When you’re doing your research, here are some key points to look out for the ensure you’re choosing a good, reputable company:

  • Look at their ratings from previous clients on Google and especially on the BBB
  • Get a comprehensive estimate that includes the estimated cost, minimum charge, insurance coverage details, and make sure that the estimate includes the list that it is based on. If the estimate does not include the list, it means nothing.
  • Ask what insurance coverage is included and ask for proof of insurance. Any legitimate company should be able to provide a Certificate of insurance on request.
  • Ask if the movers are bonded and WSIB covered.
  • Check to see if they are certified by the Canadian Association of Movers
  • Once you’re comfortable with the selected movers, lock in your date.

Supplies and Packing

  • Order necessary supplies, including boxes, a tape gun, tape, markers, and bubble wrap. 
  • Pick up cleaning supplies – perform a deep clean before leaving and unpacking in the new home.
  • Start packing up your home, leaving only the essentials on hand until the move. 
  • Take note of delicate or fragile items and prep them for the move. Keep electronics together with taped up wires. Take pictures to remember how to hook up properly.
  • Carefully store away important documents and files so you can take them with you in your vehicle.

Switch Over Home Services to Your New Address

Don’t forget to cancel/change home services such as:

  • Cable, internet, TV, phone
  • Utility provider
  • Address for the bank, credit cards, driver’s license etc.
  • Memberships and subscriptions

Clean Your Home

Leaving your home clean is all part of the moving process to welcome its new owners. It also leaves the right impression behind. Once you’ve packed up the majority of your belongings, focus on giving those high traffic areas a deep cleaning. 

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Hallways
  • Doors that often get fingerprints and dirt caked on them
  • Sweep and mop the floors

Make sure to keep those cleaning supplies handy so you can give your new home a clean before you unpack!

Register Your Kids for Their New School

If you have kids and are moving to a new neighbourhood, you’ll need to notify their school personnel well ahead of your move to give them a heads up. This way, their teachers can help wrap up their lessons or projects, make adjustments and collect necessary documents to assist in a smooth transition to their new school. Also, if you’re unsure about where to register your kids in your new neighbourhood, ask their current teachers. They can often provide good recommendations, especially since they know your children and understand their unique needs. 

You can also ask your real estate agent about good, reputable schools in your new area. Ironing out these details early on can help make it easier for your kids to adjust to their new environment with minimal challenges. 

Find Your Ottawa Essential Services 

For new Ottawa residents, don’t forget to begin looking for a new doctor, dentist and other essential services. If you have family or friends in your new neighbourhood, ask them for recommendations. It’s good to get these set up sooner than later so you’re not stuck in a situation where you suddenly need an appointment and don’t have a family doctor or dentist to turn to. Sometimes there can be a waiting list so it’s important to be proactive!

Visit Your New Neighbourhood

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. But it should also be exciting to start your new chapter. To keep the excitement alive and get the kids geared up for their new home, take some time to visit your new neighbourhood. Learn what amenities are close by, where the closest playground and park is located, and see what you have to look forward to!

Moving Day!

Once the day finally rolls around, pack up and seal any remaining boxes. Clear the hallways and stairways in preparation for the movers. Have some water and snacks on hand to keep hydrated and fueled up too. 

First Rate Movers is here when you need professional movers that you can depend on. Our moving crews have been impressing clients since 2003 and have rightly earned our reputation as Ottawa’s best moving company. Get in touch with us today to book your move or to learn more.

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