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Everything You Need to Know about Packing a Dining Room

When moving to a new place, packing up your things can be one of the most stressful things to do. It should be done carefully and well ahead of time to prevent anything from getting damaged. And when it comes to spaces like the dining room, it can be quite tricky to pack since the items need to be thoroughly protected to avoid breakage. If you’re stressing about how to pack up your table, chairs, and dinnerware properly – don’t be! Here’s everything you need to know about packing up a dining room.

The Most Breakable Things Go First

Secure the most breakable and fragile things like glassware, china, chandeliers, and other similar items first. Keep these delicate pieces together and make sure to use either bubble wrap or thick paper to wrap everything thoroughly before placing them in a box. And don’t forget to clearly mark the boxes as ‘fragile’ so movers will know to treat them with extra care.

Packing Silver and Flatware

To protect your silverware and flatware, do not wrap your silverware in plastic as it traps moisture against the metal causing oxidization. If your silverware is already stored in a special felt-lined box, it will be secure and protected. For further protection, or if the box does not fully stay closed, wrap it in paper and tape once around to keep it closed so the latch will not open. It is not recommended to seal or plastic wrap a silverware box since that can also trap moisture in and even ruin the leather case! Make sure you care appropriately for your silverware box since they are often valuable, especially for moving.

What To Do With Rugs

Not sure what to do with your rugs? Just roll them up and place a piece of tape on to keep them together. If you’re concerned about your rugs being marked or stained by dirt or snow during transit, we recommend wrapping them with plastic wrap to safeguard them from any messy weather. And remember, area rugs should be loaded last but unloaded first so the furniture can be placed on them when unpacking.

How To Pack Glassware

The most important tip is to wrap everything that’s fragile carefully — especially any glassware. The larger items should go first with the smaller ones placed on top. There shouldn’t be any space left inside the box, so fill up any bare areas with crumpled paper or tissue.

How To Prepare Furniture For The Big Move

For closets and cabinets, don’t forget to secure the drawers to prevent them from opening while in transit. If it’s possible, remove any table legs so they can all be packed up easily in the truck. Every screw, nut, and bolt should be stored in a plastic bag and labelled so they’re kept intact and can be found easily when you need them again.

Properly packing everything that you own can be quite overwhelming, but with the right tips and research, it can be simple and hassle-free. The key is to be organized and systematic when packing fragile items, so your belongings arrive safe and unharmed in your new home. For all of your moving related needs, trust the professionals at First Rate Movers. Our team of top-notch movers can take care of everything – even packing your dining room. Get in touch today!