Why Ottawa is the Best City to Live

For those of you who have called Ottawa home for many years, it’s plain to see why Ottawa is a desirable city to live in. And for those contemplating making the move to the nation’s capital, the experience is almost guaranteed to be great. The late summer and early fall can guarantee a surge in […]

Consolidated Moves Between Cities Can Save You Money

Looking for a way to save on your long distance moving costs? You should consider a consolidated move. If you’ve never heard of this option before it’s because many moving companies keep this option secret unless you ask. Why? Because they have no problem filling half a truck and charging you full price. At First […]

Where Can I Sell, Donate or Dispose of My Belongings in Ottawa

Do you have unused furniture or items that you’re looking to get rid of before or after your move? There are plenty of resources in Ottawa and surrounding areas that you can use to either sell, donate or dispose of your belongings. Sell There are numerous online sites and marketplaces you can use to sell […]

What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto

Are you planning a move from Ottawa to the Greater Toronto Area? Did you know that you can save big when you coordinate your move through First Rate movers? Find out more below! Classification Moving from Ottawa to Toronto is not considered a ‘local’ move but rather a long distance move. Pricing for these moves […]

What is a Local Move?

We consider moves to be “local moves” when both the origin and destination are within 100 kilometers of Ottawa’s City Hall, based on the fastest route. The charges for a local move will incorporate a standard hourly charge for travel time at the contracted rate. Travel time is to cover the cost of getting the […]

Furniture Hoisting – Leave it to the Pros

If you have large and heavy items that require hoisting during a move, it’s important that you never attempt to perform this on your own. If there were ever a time to let the professionals handle something – this is it! Whether it’s your china hutch or your extra large sofa, when you have a […]