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5 Items That Your Professional Moving Company Won’t Move

Did you know that there are prohibited items that your movers can’t take on the moving truck? To ensure you don’t have to leave anything behind on moving day, find out here what items your professional moving company won’t allow in transport.

Hazardous Materials

For safety reasons, anything deemed as hazardous will not be allowed in the moving truck. This includes anything corrosive or flammable like paints, acid-based batteries, varnish, paint thinner, certain cleaning products, propane, charcoal or other items that could potentially explode when under pressure or when exposed to heat. Believe it or not, even nail polish and nail polish remover are considered a risk. Other dangerous items that are on the “do not move list” include ammunition, weapons, and explosives. If you’re not sure how to transport these items, talk to your moving company for advice.

Perishable Goods

Moving trucks do not have refrigeration units, so perishable food items, frozen goods, dairy products, produce, and meats cannot be moved in the truck. Anything that could spoil if not refrigerated should be thrown out, taken in your personal vehicle or given away.


Any liquids, be they food-related (olive oil, ketchup, or balsamic vinegar, etc.) or other (cleaning solvents, liquid detergents) must be transported separately by the customer to prevent spills and messes during the move. In the heat of summer and/or the cold of winter, containers of liquids can explode and cause damage to your furniture and other belongings. If this happens with cleaning supplies, it can also release fumes that are hazardous to the movers’ health.


Valuables and important private documents are best packed in your own vehicle, not the moving truck. This includes items like expensive jewelry, currency, your laptop, medical records, tax filings, and your passport. To keep these items safe, pack them in a locked box and transport them in the trunk of your car.

Medications and Medical Devices

If there are medications that you rely on, don’t pack these in a box. Any medications or medical devices that you regularly use, should be kept with you at all times.

Equipment with Fuel

You can’t load up your lawnmower or snowblower into the moving truck without draining out the fuel first. For safety reasons, all liquids need to be drained from the gas and oil tank and stored in appropriate containers. Professional movers cannot and will not transport dangerous items like fuel or oil of any kind.

Not sure if you have packed items that won’t be allowed on the moving truck? Don’t be afraid to ask us if you’re unsure of what items are prohibited. At First Rate Movers, we can even pack for you so you don’t have to worry! Contact us today to learn more about our packing services and to set up a free consultation!