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Why You Shouldn’t Ask Friends to Help You Move

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You love and trust your friends.  Where would you be without them?  You’ve always gotten along perfectly well, and nary has a stray word ever passed between you.  OK, so your friendship might not be that squeaky-clean and practically perfect, but it’s still solid, so why not ask your best buds to help you move?  They’ll make things go more quickly and the experience as a whole will be much more fun, right?

Well…not necessarily.

Some reasons you might want to think twice before asking your friends to help you move include:

Demanding to Ask

First of all, it can come across as demanding to outright ask a friend to help with such a big undertaking.  Unless they’re a very good friend, you might want to let them do the volunteering.

Pay it Forward?

Then there’s the matter of reciprocity on your part if they do help.  Anyone who’s ever watched The Big Bang Theory will know about Sheldon Cooper’s fear of gift giving, namely that it creates a sense of obligation to reciprocate, which in turn can result in stress (or comedy gold) in trying to meet this new commitment.  Whether or not you want to go as far as Sheldon does here, for some that sense of obligation is just too much, even if friends insist that you don’t have to do so.  If this sounds like something that would cause you unrest, it might behoove you to reconsider your decision.

Stress & Miscommunication

Even if you’re beyond Sheldon-levels of awkwardness, there’s still the possibility that a move with friends might not be perfectly peachy.  There’s a lot of muscle-work that goes into a move that can make for a good deal of stress.  All it takes is the slightest miscommunication for things to go awry—“Put that down over…no not over there, a little to the left…no, right…no, I mean right and to the back and—yeah, sure, there, why not?”

Damaged Goods

Then of course there’s the possibility that they might inadvertently damage things.  After all, neither you nor your friends are professional movers in Ottawa, and furniture and boxes can be pretty heavy, so all it takes is one slip to see things chip, scratch or shatter.

Time is Ticking

If you’ve never moved before, then you might not be prepared for the sheer amount of time it’s bound to take.  “Oh, it’ll only take a couple hours!”  Eight hours later…well, let’s just say you and your friends might have seen enough of one another to forgo the housewarming party.

With all of these downsides, it’s clear that asking your friends to move is not the best option. Keep your belongings safe, preserve your friendship, and enjoy a smooth move by hiring professional movers in Ottawa like First Rate Movers.


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