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The Risks of a DIY Move


When planning a household move, you have two main options – You can hire an experienced and professional moving company, or you can attempt to do the move yourself. Both options have their pros and cons, but when you consider these risks of a DIY move, there is really no comparison:

Damaged Goods

When you attempt a DIY move you are much more likely to cause damage to your fragile belongings, furniture, and home. Dropping just one piece of furniture on hardwood stairs of floors can result in a couple thousand dollars in damage. Professional movers will blanket wrap all your furniture to protect it and your home against damage. They will also use floor runners to protect your floors from getting scratched or gouged. Professional movers are trained on how to pack a moving truck properly, so that your boxes don’t get crushed and the load is properly secured. Professional moving trucks also have much better load securing systems and cargo control equipment than rental trucks which also significantly reduce the chance of damage during transit. When professional movers use professional equipment and techniques to move your belongings, there is almost no chance of damage. When you rent a truck and try to move yourself, you can definitely save some money but you are almost guaranteed to have some damages.

Relying on Rental Trucks

Many people attempt a DIY move in an effort to save money. They think all they have to do is rent a truck and buy pizza and beer for a few friends to help them move. The rental truck is the first problem. Everyone has heard the stories of rental trucks not being there for them on moving day, even though they were reserved well in advance. This is a very common problem and is a real concern. If your truck is not there, you are really in a bind. You probably have to move out on that day and other people may be moving in to your current place. If you are in an apartment building, you probably had to book a time slot for elevators which you will now miss. They may not even allow you to move in that time if the elevators have been booked for another move. Your friends may no longer be able to help you by the time you find another truck. Your chances of finding a replacement rental truck with no advance notice in the summer are very slim. You will probably have to desperately search for a moving company to help you. Again, this will be next to impossible to book any professional moving company during the summer without advance notice. If you do luck out and find one, you will likely end up paying a hefty premium.

Should you not become one of the statistics for that nightmare scenario, you will end up with a rental truck, NOT a moving truck, to do your move. Rental trucks do not come stocked with proper equipment for completing a move. Rarely do they have any moving blankets on them and, if they do, they are usually the crappy felt pads like Uhaul rents. They usually don’t come with most equipment that proper moving trucks are stocked with such as ratchet straps, bungee straps, proper dollies, bed bags, couch wrap, tape, floor runners, wardrobe boxes, etc.

Relying on Friends

You have managed to convince your friends to take time out of their schedule and possible even time off work to help you move. They must be delighted and eagerly anticipating the day they get to strain their bodies to help you move … yay!!!! Regardless of whether they secretly lament you for asking or genuinely want to help out a friend, can you count on them to show up on moving day? What if they don’t feel well that day? If a mover calls in sick, any decent moving company has a back-up plan – a replacement mover.

Risk of Injury

Professional movers are trained on how to properly move things. There are special techniques used to reduce strain on the body. Sometimes there is no special way to handle a difficult piece other than to just use brute force. Professional movers are used to this and their bodies have become accustomed to abnormal handling positions over time. People whose bodies aren’t used to these strains can easily pull a muscle, hurt their back, or even suffer from a hernia. Nothing says “welcome home” to your new house like a pulled back muscle. The only thing worse than hurting yourself while moving is if it happens to a friend that you convinced to help you.

Insurance Coverage

The best moving companies in Ottawa, like First Rate Movers, include full replacement value insurance coverage to cover most damages, including to your home. There is no such protection with a DIY move.


Move into your new home faster, easier, and with less risk by hiring an Ottawa moving company like First Rate Movers. Trust the professional and attentive crew from First Rate Movers to get the job done right.

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