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How to Prep Your Teen for University Move-in Day

How to Prep Your Teen for University Move-in Day

When the day finally arrives to send your not-so-little kid off to university, be prepared for a hectic and potentially overwhelming day. Aside from the emotional rollercoaster and chaos, moving day usually occurs during the summertime, which means you should be mindful of the heat to keep from over-exerting yourself. It’s important to be as calm as you can to help your teen transition as easily as possible to campus life and their newfound freedom. After all, they’ll definitely be feeling the stress and nerves throughout the entire moving process, too.

To help you and your teen cope with all of the woes during the big move, here are some tips to help prep your teen for university move-in day.


Pre-Move-In Day

Before the big day arrives, there are some things to have nailed down to help make it run as smoothly as possible:


Purchase The Dorm Life Essentials

Dorm life is a completely new phase for your teen, so help them cover the basic necessities with a list to have ready for moving day. These types of items include bed sheets, storage containers, desk organizers and more.

For a more thorough list of ideas, Bed, Bath & Beyond has put together a handy list to help.


Dish Out Expectations And The Plan For Moving Day

Of course, your teen will need help transporting items and unloading their stuff into their dorm. Beyond that, it’s important to know when it’s time to let them take care of the rest. Talk to them about expectations for you and your help. If they want you to stay and assist with unpacking, that’s great. If they want you to leave the unpacking to them, take the hint and say goodbye. If you’re eager to meet and connect with the roommate before leaving, tell them ahead of time.

Always discuss the game plan and what they feel comfortable with since it is a pretty big moment in life for them.


Be Practical About What Can And Cannot Fit

Your teen may have seen pictures or have an idea of dorm room size from TV shows, but in reality, you only truly appreciate the tiny size when you’re desperately trying to squeeze all of your furniture in. Dorm rooms are sometimes puzzles, so you’ve got to be very selective about what stays. Help your teen by keeping them in reality with the size of the dorm and assisting them in ways to utilize the space most effectively. IKEA has some great space-saving designs to look at for inspiration and ideas to implement for dorm-style living spaces.

With all of the nervous jitters, excitement and emotions tossed into moving day, your teen is going to need all the help you can give. Just be sure that you’re not dishing out too much love when they’re eager for you to leave. Go over the game plan ahead of time to be ready and prepped for the big day.

Want to make sure your belongings are in good hands during your teen’s move into university? Get in touch with our expert moving crews to help with the process!

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