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Need to Make a Move? Declutter First

Need to Make a Move? Declutter First

One of the biggest mistakes people make before their move is not to declutter first. They often find themselves stressed days before the move with a houseful of things that are scattered all over the place. To save yourself from the pain associated with last minute packing, here we show you how to declutter first to save your time and energy once moving day arrives.

Go Room By Room

It’s easiest to work your way through each room looking for items you no longer use, don’t need, and no longer love. Place these items into a labelled ‘junk’ box and ensure each one of your family members gets to look through it before deciding whether to donate or toss the belongings away.

Start With Items Still In Boxes Or Stored Away

Start with going through all the items you still have left in boxes from your previous move, or in tucked away in storage. Consolidate boxes down to things you will still be keeping and throw out anything you haven’t missed or needed in the past year.

Throw Out Things That Don’t Fit

Keeping your children’s snowsuits that no longer fit probably isn’t a smart use of space. Go through all the drawers and closets and donate anything that no longer fits.

Shred Old Paperwork

Any old papers lying around that you don’t need, like last year’s paid utility bills, filled up notebooks, or scribbled notes, should be shredded and recycled.

Get Rid Of Old Books And Magazines

If you have old books and/or magazines that you will probably never read again and are just collecting dust, now is the time to donate or recycle them. There are many organizations and literacy programs that would probably love to have them.

Decide What Toys To Keep

It’s not uncommon to keep your children’s old toys as keepsakes. But often, these items really just end up taking up space. Make today the day you finally sift through and decide which keepsakes are worth keeping and which are worth getting rid of.

Pack As You Go

As you go through each room, any items that you don’t need until after the move should be packed up. Make sure to label the boxes with the room name and contents for easy identification. You can start placing the boxes in a corner of your home until it’s time to go.

It’s always wise to declutter first before you move. It makes the process faster, easier, and cheaper for you, especially if you’re paying a moving company by the hour. So get a head start and begin removing any old, unnecessary items well in advance to make your moving day a breeze.

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