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The Only Move-In To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

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Moving can be stressful, but at some point in your life, if not more often, it will become unavoidable. It is inevitable that the average person is going to have a large collection of things to transfer from home to home during a move.

Moving countless boxes and heavy furniture up and down multiple flights of stairs, and through elevators and courtyards, can easily feel like a three-ring circus swirling out of control, causing a real headache. However, effectively preparing yourself for moving day, and even enlisting the help of professional movers, will ensure the process moves as seamlessly as possible.

In order to help you better prepare for your moving day, we have put together this quick to-do list to ensure a smooth transition.

Organize everything before you start packing any boxes

The most important thing you can do to really streamline things when you’re getting ready to move is to organize everything you own before you start to pack everything into boxes. This approach requires you to invest a bit more effort at the beginning, but it will pay off when you are unpacking and can easily coordinate which boxes go to each room. It will also enable you to eliminate a lot of stuff that doesn’t have to be moved – cutting down on your effort and all that heavy lifting.

Label all boxes with their contents as well as their new location at the new place

Labelling each of your boxes with both a list of the contents and the new location that this box has to be delivered to upon arrival at the new place will cut down on any confusion on moving day, and promote a quicker move in general.

Organization is key when it comes to an easy and stress-free move. Often, people try to go about this moving process without much preparation or real plan of action, and that’s why so many people end up in their new homes with boxes everywhere, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Load your moving truck strategically in the order that you want items to arrive

When packing your moving truck, make sure to think strategically about the order that everything is being placed. It can really slow down the moving process if you are trying to move in a big couch and there are already piles of boxes blocking your way in the middle of the living room.

It can also be beneficial to put all of the big items into the truck last, so that they are the first thing you unload at the new place in order to prevent any significantly heavy lifting from taking place at the end of the day when you are already exhausted.

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