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January is the Cheapest Month to Move

January is the Cheapest Month to Move

If you have the flexibility to choose what time of year you can plan your move, January will get you the best bang for your buck. Although the timeframe is usually the last thing that enters your mind when moving, this one detail can end up saving you a lot of money.  And even though there may be winter weather to contend with, if money is your motivating factor then January is really the cheapest month to move. So before you book those necessary appointments with movers, here are some reasons why you should always aim for the month of January whenever possible.

Save Money

The number one reason why renters choose to wait and move during January is to save money. With the cost of first and last due for your new rental, along with expenses for bills and new purchases, the added cost for movers can really cut into your budget. But if you are flexible and can hold off until January, you can take advantage of more affordable rates.

Winter Weather Means Off-Peak Moving Time

Of course, the idea of moving during January and all the potential winter weather that comes with it can be enough to deter most people moving then. But it’s a much less competitive time for moving companies. And like with most businesses, off-peak times with low competition always equates to better rates.

Avoid Student Frenzy

During September when students are entering college and moving into residency, it can be a very hectic time for many movers. And when business is booming, it becomes increasingly challenging to book the necessary dates you need. During these popular timeframes, you can expect moving rates to skyrocket as well.

Easier To Book On Short Notice

The month of January is a time to recuperate after the holidays and hunker down. There’s not much happening during this time, and that includes moving. So when you need to book movers on short notice, you’re almost guaranteed to get the date you need since their schedules are much more flexible.

When money is a significant motivating factor, it’s worth paying attention to the time of year you’re planning to move. The entire process of moving can be stressful and expensive enough, and being able to minimize those moving expenses can really help out your budget. So before you plan out your moving date, consider why January is the cheapest month and how it can be worth enduring potential nasty weather.

When you’re ready to book your move, give First Rate Movers a call! We can provide you with all the necessary details and services you need, at an affordable rate to make your move as smooth as possible.

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