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How to Pare Down When Moving

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If you’ve ever had to move before (and the odds are pretty good that you have, at least a handful of times), you know exactly how exhausting and stressful this process can be.

The average person is going to move anywhere between 6 and 15 times throughout their lives, and that means hauling a lot of stuff around from one location to the next. Importantly, a lot of us choose to bring things that we probably don’t need with us along for the move every single time, saying that “next time” will be the time that we eventually either leave it behind or toss it out.

Next time never really seems to come along, does it?

If you’re having a difficult time trying to pare down when moving, and can use a little bit of help, hopefully the inside information below will give you the boost you need to streamline things considerably.

It’s all about breaking your things down into three little categories.


The first category is going to include absolutely EVERYTHING that you know you 100% need to move from one place to the next.

This includes all of your furniture that you’d like to keep, all of the appliances that you’d like to have at the new place, and all of your “essential” possessions – your clothes, your technology, your gizmos and your gadgets, your photo albums etc.

These are the things that you did simply never want to be without.


The second category is going to include everything that you’d ideally like to move if you have the room, if you have the space, and if you are going to have a difficult time replacing it later down the line. A lot of us choose to move a bunch of stuff that we could effortlessly replace and next to no cost later down the line, if we needed to replace it in the first place. Instead of going that route, have a garage sale to sell these things off, give them away to charity or friends and family in need, and see if life is okay without them. If it is, fantastic – if it isn’t, replace it.


Finally we come to the third category, all of the stuff that you are either going to want to leave behind for the new people or throw away before you close things out. The odds are pretty good that you have a lot of this stuff lying around (and have likely dragged it with you at least a couple of times), and you know EXACTLY what it is. We’re talking about your DVD collection you haven’t touched in 8 years, old shoes that don’t fit anymore, your Alexei Kovalev Sens jersey that sits dusty in the closet.

Throw it out. You’ll be better off.

Call First Rate Movers for all your moving needs in Ottawa. Our experienced and friendly team of professional movers will safely bring everything you need to the new location, and nothing you don’t.

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