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How to Keep Organized when Planning a Move

How to Keep Organized When Planning a Move

You might have a move coming up, but that doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself crazy trying to get everything done. A little organization can go a long way both before and after you’ve settled into your new home. Simply getting up and throwing stuff into boxes might get the job done, but you will have even more work waiting once you get to where you’re going. Instead of haphazardly packing you should formulate a workable plan. The team at First Rate Movers has put together this five-step guide to planning a move:

Step One: Sort and Declutter

Go through your possessions before you even start to pack. Declutter your items and throw out or donate the things you no longer have a use for. Not only will this allow you to better streamline your moving plans, but it will also give you the opportunity to help someone in need.

Step Two: Separate and Designate

Once you have figured out what items you want to keep or toss, you need to split those possessions into various groups based on their final destination. This will give you a chance to figure out how many boxes you need for the move and will help you to give better directions to those helping you.

Step Three: Gather Your Supplies

You will need to have boxes, tape, and markers for labeling. In addition, you’ll also want to have some newspapers to wrap up breakable items. Once you have all these things, you can then begin packing with confidence.

Step Four: Pack Unused Items First, Essentials Last

To make moving day a lot simpler, you can start packing some of your things as soon as you have steps one through three completed. Try putting your unnecessary items into boxes first, saving your daily-use possessions for last. Doing so will streamline your move and get you ready for the final push. Just be sure to use your markers to label the boxes so you don’t misplace anything you accidentally packed.

Step Five: Hire a Moving Company

A reputable and reliable moving company like First Rate Movers can make your job a whole lot easier. Moving companies provide you with trucks and muscle so that you don’t have to call in any favors or ruin any of your friends’ weekends. Now that you have sorted, separated, and gathered your supplies you can begin packing up and setting things out for First Rate Movers to safely transport to your destination.

Simply follow these five steps and your move will be a success.

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