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Getting To Know Your Neighbourhood

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There are many things you will not know about your new neighbourhood until you are a fellow resident. While reviewing your potential property and seeing the property of your neighbours can give you some idea during the house hunting process, it is ultimately a flip of the coin what the neighbourhood will be like. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from Kanata to Orleans or from Vancouver to Ottawa…reaching out and getting to know your neighbourhood may be challenging. Sometimes even moving just a few blocks away can feel like a whole new world. Let’s take a moment to review why you should reach out to your neighbours, as well as ways to go about doing it.

Why Reach Out To Neighbours At All?

Your neighbours are your safety net. They are the first line of defense against things like a break in. They do this by watching your property and identifying/reporting people who don’t belong. Consider the role you’ve played in your previous neighbourhood. Would you call the police if your neighbour’s house was being robbed? Absolutely. The same is true for your new neighbourhood. By building up a strong relationship with those living around you, you can have a peace of mind. Neighbours can become friends for life, mentors to your children, and harbours in a storm.

How Can I Get To Know My Neighbourhood?

You can do research online. Consider looking at crime statistics reported by the police as well as information on your block that may exist in older newspaper clippings and releases. You can also walk the neighbourhood yourself and see what the other properties are like. You can learn a lot without ever stepping foot on their property. You can see what exterior work has to be done, what houses are for sale on the street or may be in disrepair. Walk to the nearest commercial strip. Dine at the Italian restaurant around the corner. Watch the RedBlacks game at the local pub. Pick up fresh bread from the bakery down the street. Jog through the park or bring the kids to play at the local soccer field. Live and breathe your community.

More often than not, neighbours will introduce themselves when you move in. Whether it is when your moving trucks arrives or in the days after, make the most out of these interactions. It is easy to feel overwhelmed at first, and scheduling to meet for lunch or to see the house at a later date is a great way to begin building those connections with your neighbourhood. If no one comes to your door, then consider reaching out yourself. Go to the houses around you in the afternoon or on the weekend and introduce yourself to the other houses.

While you are getting to know your neighbourhood, make the moving process itself a non-issue by hiring a professional moving company in Ottawa to handle to process. It will make you getting to know your neighbourhood far easier and less stressful. First Rate Movers is the first choice among moving companies in Ottawa, so give us a call!

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