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How the Economy Affects Your Moving Bill

How the Economy Affects Your Moving Bill

When gas prices start to soar, the economy takes a hit. Everything from commuting, to food costs, to your utility bills are impacted. And if you’re getting ready to move, you should be prepared to also feel the squeeze on your moving costs. To get an idea of how the economy affects your moving bill and what you can do to reduce the impact on your budget, read on.

Distribution Costs

The price at the pump is impacted by a variety of economic factors. For instance, the local market conditions are influenced by the location, distribution costs, the number of competitors, whether it’s owned by a refinery, and the cost of doing business. Even stations next to each other can have different operating costs and traffic patterns that affect their pump prices. That’s why the gas stations you choose can make a big difference in your moving bill, especially if you’re moving long distances. To reduce the impact on your moving bill, you either need to research the most affordable pumps on your route or hire a moving company who has a history of moving to your future destination – they’ll already know all the best gas stations.

Mileage Costs

When gas prices rise, the cost to ship your goods from your old home to your new home is going to go up. The moving company needs to make a profit, and when the cost of gas rises, they need to increase the mileage costs to cover the amount needed to operate the truck. Your best defense against paying higher gas prices is to hire a company that includes the mileage into the quote. Even if it’s the first thousand miles covered for free, having a mileage discount can help you save significantly.

Equipment Costs

The size of the truck will also matter when the gas prices increase. You may be able to calculate how much your car would spend on gas, but a truck can be between 3 and 4 times more expensive, depending on the size. It’s a big difference that can impact your budget. So what you need to do is properly size your move, so you’re not paying for space you don’t need. A professional move coordinator can help you choose the right truck size and in turn, reduce your overall moving bill.

Pricing a move is complex, and without a professional on your side, you could end up spending thousands more in gas-related costs. Don’t let the economy impact your move, talk to a moving specialist today!

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