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Downsize Your Move – How to Move into Smaller Spaces

An illustration of a couple moving from a large house to a small one.

Big doesn’t necessarily mean better. A lot of times, we rent or buy properties that can be a little too spacious for our needs. While it’s always nice to have a little extra room to move around in, it’s not always as wallet-friendly as renting out a space that’s just right for your needs. Or perhaps you lived in a great house but circumstances (children going to school, divorce, death of a spouse) necessitate a change.

Moving your stuff from your big space to your new smaller one might seem like a pretty hefty challenge. How can you be sure that all your belongings and furniture will fit comfortably in a smaller space? It is possible with the right know-how, so here are four essential tips when it comes to downsizing your move.

Make Sure to Measure

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving into smaller spaces is that they fail to take measurements of their furniture and the place they intend to move into. Without a clear-cut idea of how much floor area you actually have, you might find yourself struggling to fit your queen-size bed into such a small studio apartment. Make sure to take accurate measurements before you start moving things in so you can plot your floor plan beforehand.

Big Things First

If you start to fill in your space with small things like end tables, shoe racks, or appliances, you might find yourself struggling to manoeuvre yourself around with the bigger stuff. Because smaller items are easier to move around, it is ideal to put in all the big things first so you can have bigger room to push them around.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Because you’re moving into a smaller space, it might be a good idea to do a little spring cleaning along the way. While you pack your stuff, try to get rid of all the things that you haven’t used in a long time and the things you no longer intend to use at all. Not only will this save you more space, it’s also a great way to make an extra buck.

Take Things Apart

Before you put things into your new humble home, it’s a good idea to first take things apart. Remove the legs off of tables or sofas, deconstruct your desk, or fold up any seats that can be folded up. This makes it easier to carry items into a room without having to worry about nicking the paint on the walls or making any dents in the paint.

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