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Cool Down Your Summer Move

Cool Down Your Summer Move

Moving during the summertime is great because you get to avoid dealing with all of that messy winter weather. But with all of the packing, bending, and rushing around to deal with, moving during the summer can heat up quickly. So be strategic with your moving process and use these tips to help you cool down during your summer move.

Pack During the Evening

Packing away your belongings can be a nightmare during the peak hours of the day when the summer sun is most intense. So avoid sweating through your packing process. Try to plan your packing time around the evening times or even earlier in the morning to keep you cool and on track for your moving day.

Avoid Using the Oven

If you don’t have air conditioning, then using the oven can really overheat your entire home and you by proxy. And when you combine a stifling home with all of the stress and motions of packing, it can actually become a dangerous environment. Avoid using your oven during those very hot and humid days so that you don’t have to suffer through your move in a heated home.

Ensure there’s Adequate Air Circulation

Of course, air circulation is important during the summer. And sometimes a cross breeze can make a huge difference for creating a comfortable environment. So keep your windows open and even keep your back and front door slightly ajar to get that cross breeze action to keep you cool.

Hire a Moving Company to Do the Work for You

You can also avoid the aggravation (and the heat) altogether by hiring a moving company to take care of everything for you. Instead of renting out a truck and coercing your best friends to help you out, you can relax and let the experts take over. Professional movers are trained and experienced to endure the bending, lifting, maneuvering (and the heat) that’s necessary with the moving process. So you can keep yourself and your dearest family and friends safe from the summer heat by allowing the pros to do all the hard work.

Moving is without a doubt, one of those aggravations in life that most of us would care to avoid whenever possible. But, since that isn’t always possible, you can at least, make it as safe and hassle-free as possible. And even though you’ve avoided a winter move, having to endure the summer heat can be just as precarious and taxing. So give us a call when it’s time to get moving so you can keep cool and keep on track for your big move!

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