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How to Have an Easier Move During Pregnancy


There are lots of unforeseen things that can happen during a move. And being pregnant surely can complicate things. But moving while you’re ‘expecting’ doesn’t have to be a frightening or stressful endeavor. With a little planning and these six tips, you can easily create a smooth move during your pregnancy.

Think Ahead

Getting organized in advance can really help to relax your anxiety and hormones. Make a full list of everything you need to do and break them down into smaller daily lists. Make sure your goals are realistic, and you will have little to worry about.

Pack Early

Leaving packing to the last minute can really add unnecessary stress to your move. You should begin packing months in advance – boxing up a little bit each and every day. Before you know it, you will have everything ready to go on moving day.

Check With Your Doctor

Don’t forget to arrange for a new doctor in your new area. Make sure to ask for recommendations for a doctor or midwife well in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to transfer all your records and files so you can ensure that you have the medical support you need on day one.

Arrange for Help

Your number one priority is taking care of yourself and your baby. So let friends and family take over some of the workload. And when it comes to moving day, avoid lifting any boxes – let the movers do all the work. It’s what you pay them for so sit back, relax and let others take the lead.

Research the Area

Knowing where your new local pharmacy, hospital, prenatal groups and mommy groups are before you move can help you better prepare.  You can even indulge a little by pinpointing the best spa in your new neighbourhood where you can enjoy some pampering once you’ve completed the move – it gives you something great to look forward to.

Accept Things Will Go Wrong

Moving and pregnancy are both challenging times, and both events can stir up a lot of negative emotion as you just want things to go smoothly.  Accepting that things will not always go as planned can help you to remain positive and focused. Try to focus on staying calm and just know that everything will sort itself out in the end.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed when you’re pregnant and have to endure the moving process. It can be a stress-free experience if you get organized early and let others help you along the way.

Simplify your move before the baby arrives with some help from First Rate Movers. We are Ottawa’s most reputable movers!

5 Tips When Relocating for Work


Getting that dream job can be rewarding – especially if there’s a big pay increase included. But some dream jobs come with a catch – relocating! If you have to relocate for the job you’ve dreamed of, check out these five tips on how you can make relocating work for you.

Research your new location

Researching your new location can be both helpful and exciting. First, take the time to look at the cost of living in each neighbourhood and all the amenities available. This can help you pick the right neighbourhood for you and your family. Once decided, you can then start researching new restaurants, parks, entertainment, as well as new schools for your children. This can help you get acquainted with your new area in advance and also get you excited about the move.

Find a home with a short commute time

Make sure to take your commute into consideration before relocating.  Check to see if the neighbourhood you are considering has public transit options or short drive times to work. Also, spend some time analyzing the traffic patterns – avoiding gridlock is always a bonus if it’s possible.

Talk to an experienced Realtor

Finding a trusted Realtor who can help you sell your current home at the best price and find you a new one fast, should be at the top of your priority list. An expert knows the market, and how to work through all the paperwork and transaction details. Selling your home yourself could end up costing you more time and money. Leave it to the professionals to help you relocate quickly and efficiently.

Secure housing in between                                                 

You may have some time in between the closing date of your current home and the moving date into your new home. If this is the case, you should secure a temporary home or hotel for the amount of time you will be displaced. You can also research using Airbnb and other short-term rental services and compare all your options to see what is the best rate.

Hire a moving company

A moving company can save you a lot of time and stress before and during your move. Many companies offer packing services and will come and pack your entire home for you. You don’t have to lift a finger, which can be a big bonus when it comes to saving time and effort.

Moving for a job can be a scary scenario, but with a little planning and assistance, it can be the best decision you ever made.

Getting the Kids to Help with Packing


Going through the motions of the moving process is challenging and stressful enough. But when you have children it can present some unique challenges that impact your packing process. But kids are more willing to get involved when you allow them. You can designate some specific tasks for your children to keep them busy and free up some time so that you can focus on some important tasks that need to get done. Use these suggestions if you’re wondering how to get the kids to help with packing.

First, Explain What’s Happening

If your children are still quite young, moving can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for them. So take some time to explain what’s happening, and explain all of the benefits that they’ll get to enjoy about their new home. You can even take them to the new neighbourhood to play in a nearby park so they can see that it’s not so bad.

For Children Under 6 Years Old

If your children are below the age of 6, you can still have them participate in simple ways. You can go through their bedroom items and box of toys together. You can explain that what they don’t want to keep can be donated to children who aren’t so lucky and can use their toys and clothing.

For Children 7-11 Years Old

At this stage, you can allow your children to go through their room on their own and sift through what they no longer want to take with them. You can also have them help you collect other belongings, such as toys from the backyard to wash and organize.

For Children 12 Years and Older

Children at this age can take on much more responsibility. They can help you pack up boxes from various rooms throughout the home, as well as go through their own room and belongings. They can help wrap up delicate items in newspaper once you show them how to carefully pack fragile items. You can also get them to help you sort through the garage.

You can really smooth out the packing process and even help calm your children’s nerves by talking to them about the process and allowing them to help. When children are younger, they’re always keen to help out. When they reach 12 years of age and older, you might need to convince them a little more. But getting the whole family involved allows the kids to experience some responsibility and decision making, which is great for their development too.

When it’s time for your Ottawa move, call First Rate Movers. We have been serving the Ottawa area with superior moves since 2003!

Cool Down Your Summer Move


Moving during the summertime is great because you get to avoid dealing with all of that messy winter weather. But with all of the packing, bending, and rushing around to deal with, moving during the summer can heat up quickly. So be strategic with your moving process and use these tips to help you cool down during your summer move.

Pack During the Evening

Packing away your belongings can be a nightmare during the peak hours of the day when the summer sun is most intense. So avoid sweating through your packing process. Try to plan your packing time around the evening times or even earlier in the morning to keep you cool and on track for your moving day.

Avoid Using the Oven

If you don’t have air conditioning, then using the oven can really overheat your entire home and you by proxy. And when you combine a stifling home with all of the stress and motions of packing, it can actually become a dangerous environment. Avoid using your oven during those very hot and humid days so that you don’t have to suffer through your move in a heated home.

Ensure there’s Adequate Air Circulation

Of course, air circulation is important during the summer. And sometimes a cross breeze can make a huge difference for creating a comfortable environment. So keep your windows open and even keep your back and front door slightly ajar to get that cross breeze action to keep you cool.

Hire a Moving Company to Do the Work for You

You can also avoid the aggravation (and the heat) altogether by hiring a moving company to take care of everything for you. Instead of renting out a truck and coercing your best friends to help you out, you can relax and let the experts take over. Professional movers are trained and experienced to endure the bending, lifting, maneuvering (and the heat) that’s necessary with the moving process. So you can keep yourself and your dearest family and friends safe from the summer heat by allowing the pros to do all the hard work.

Moving is without a doubt, one of those aggravations in life that most of us would care to avoid whenever possible. But, since that isn’t always possible, you can at least, make it as safe and hassle-free as possible. And even though you’ve avoided a winter move, having to endure the summer heat can be just as precarious and taxing. So give us a call when it’s time to get moving so you can keep cool and keep on track for your big move!

Preparing Your House for Moving Day


Beyond the basics of packing and organizing for your big move, there are other tasks that are necessary to perform before saying your final farewell and throwing in the key. Over the years, wear and tear can easily show throughout your home in subtle or not so subtle ways. Maybe it’s the holes in the wall from when you struggled to hang that giant piece of art, or it could be the paint that’s begun to peel throughout the home. Whatever it may be, take the time now before you move to perform some of those basic tasks so that your house can be fully prepared for moving day.

Fix Holes in Walls

Many of us are guilty of not always hanging our pictures and artwork with ease, or on the first attempt. As a result, many of our walls can display those many failed attempts once we take down our precious wall hangings.  And of course, once there’s no way to hide those holes, they end up on full display when potential buyers come to view your home. Take the time before moving day to fill in and patch up any holes along your walls.

Touch-Up Paint

If it’s been years since the paint throughout your home has been touched up, chances are it could use a fresh coat. The bathroom is an important area for this since the constant steam from those hot showers can easily cause the paint to peel away over the years. A touch-up with fresh paint can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home.

Touch-Up your Porch and Entranceway

The entrance way is what buyers notice first, and it’s what gives them that first immediate impression before entering your home. It’s a focal area that needs to look good. If you have a porch or a walkway and steps that look weathered and dilapidated, make the effort to strip away old paint and add a fresh coat to the porch. Also, any weakened or rotten steps, or cracked patio stones that lead up to your home should be repair or replaced.

Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your doorway as well. By performing a few repairs and adding some finishing touches to the walkway and door that lead into your home, it can help boost the curb appeal of your home.

Clean the Windows

The windows are also a focal point for buyers and one that can really say a lot about how well you’ve maintained your home. Make sure that all windows have been clean thoroughly. Ensure that the window frames have also been washed as well.

Preparing your home for a move takes more than simply packing. In order for your move to be a successful one, you need to have your house presentable to grab the attention of people looking to purchase. So always look over your home with a stern set of eyes and make the effort to tackle any of those minor repairs and tasks throughout it. They can make all the difference!

3 Reasons You May Need Storage for Your Move


Sometimes, it isn’t always practical to move all of your belongings immediately with you when gearing up for a move. Life can throw some unexpected curve balls during that chaotic moving process, and when it does, it can be necessary to find somewhere to store your furnishings and items until you can iron out those kinks in your plans. And although placing your items in storage may not have crossed your mind, it’s always wise to be prepared:

Conflict with Closing Dates

As much as we try to plan out the details during those important moments in life, we can’t always avoid hiccups in our plans. Moving is often a very stressful period of time. Details can easily get mistaken or simply not work out as you would like them to. And when there’s a conflict with your closing dates, having a place where you can easily place your furniture in the interim can eliminate a lot of that pressure and stress.

De-Clutter your House for Staging

Staging has become a very necessary component when it comes to placing your home up for sale. In order to grab the attention of potential buyers, you need to create a space that is desirable. And sometimes, that means getting rid of many of your own personal belongings to make room for staged items. Again, this can often throw an unexpected wrinkle in your plans, causing you to scramble for somewhere to store your items to de-clutter you home and make way for the staged furniture.

Holding Items for Someone Else

Have you been ignoring your roommate’s old furnishings for years? Have you been holding onto items for someone else? If your moving time offers a conflicting situation with belongings that aren’t yours, and with owners who aren’t immediately available, a storage unit can once again be the factor that you need to alleviate that stress and aggravation. By placing them in a storage unit to deal with at a later time, you can instead, focus on dealing with your own belongings.

At First Rate Movers, we offer our customers up to 10 days of short-term storage at no extra cost, and up to 60 days of storage at discounted rates. Whether there’s a conflict with your closing dates, or you simply need to store some extra items away before dealing with them, we can provide space for your furnishings to give you that peace of mind that you need during the hectic moving process. Contact us today to learn about the details.

4 Tips for Packing When You Have Kids


Having to endure a big move is already a huge endeavour to take on. But once you throw a few kids into the moving mix, it becomes a whole new level of anxiety when you’re trying to carve out some down time to pack up the house.

So how do you multi-task as a parent while still maintaining your sanity? Here are a few tips to help you get through the packing for your move when you have kids.

Be Efficient with Your Time

As every parent knows, it’s important to have a schedule and to use that calendar as though your life depends on it. That includes everything – from when to pick up the kids from soccer practice, when to cook dinner, when to exercise, and maybe even when to relax and breathe. Use that same calendar to schedule in time each day to pack. You can squeeze this in during the school day or whenever the kids are out and about to allow you to focus and get things done.

Chip Away at the Packing

The best method for packing when you have a house full of children to take care of is by chipping away at it consistently during those “off peak” times when the kids are not around, or are preoccupied in front of the TV.

Use the Evenings

Packing can actually be therapeutic when you give yourself enough time so you don’t have to rush through it. Why not use some of your evenings once the kids have gone to bed to sift through your items in peace, with a glass of wine in hand. You might actually enjoy it!

Set Aside the Essentials

Knowing what to pack away and what to keep out of the boxes can be difficult to decide on. But just begin by packing away items that you don’t use on a regular basis. Carve out an area of your home to begin storing boxes so that your home can avoid falling into a complete state of chaos for as long as possible. And set aside the essentials to keep for last.

Packing up your home in preparation for a big move can be a challenge when you have children thrown into the mix. But it doesn’t have to be as long as you use your time wisely. You can create a simple schedule to remind yourself when it’s time to use those key moments of calm. And by setting aside your everyday essentials, you can slowly begin to chip away at the packing so that by the time moving day arrives, you’ll be set and ready to go.

When you have kids, it can be a real challenge to organize a DIY move. Hiring professional movers can ease the stress and make for a quick and simple move. Call First Rate Movers today to request an estimate!

5 Lists That Are Important to Make When You Move


Staying organized is essential when it’s time to gear up for a move. With your home being thrown into a state of chaos, it’s the only way to help ensure that you’ve got what you need and you’re not forgetting to tackle any of those important “to do” items. To help tackle your important “to do” items, here are five lists that are essential to remember when it’s time to make your move.


If you or a family member has certain medications to take, then this needs to be a priority list. Make a note of all of the prescriptions that are necessary. Organize your list so that any medication that must be taken on a daily basis (and therefore must be packed last minute), isn’t forgotten or misplaced.

Address Changes

Of course, once you part ways with your former address you will need to change your information so that it includes your new one. This must be done for a variety of documentation and sources. For example, your driver’s licence, work, insurance, banking information, doctor’s office, and health services. You should also include any non-essentials, such as magazine subscriptions.

Utilities to Register

Before you move into your new home, you should have certain utilities up and running, so be sure to include these on your list. Items can include hydro, water, and heat. Any other areas that require you to register or activate such as cable, or Internet should be included as well.

Cancel Accounts No Longer Needed

Before you leave your former property, you’ll need to cancel a variety of accounts as well. If you have Internet, cable, a phone line, insurance, or even a local gym membership that you won’t be able to access from your new, distant neighbourhood – add these to your list!

Loose Ends Around the House

Packing up your home is a lot of work. And with all of the commotion happening during a move, it’s easy to forget about so many of those tasks that you have to do around the house before saying your final farewell. So create a list to make your moving day easier on you. This can include all of the loose ends and final cleaning chores that should be done around the house before departing.

Stay organized and on top of your moving process by utilizing the power of lists. Use these five to help get you started.Make the move even easier by hiring professional movers! First Rate Movers are local Ottawa movers serving Ontario, with bi-weekly trips to Toronto and the GTA! Compare us against the competition!

4 Moving Tips You Need to Know


Any additional help is always welcomed when it comes time to pack up and move to a new home. And between the entire process of packing, taping, transporting and of course, bribing some friends to lend a helping hand – any extra tips to ease the process can be helpful. That’s why we created this list with some essential moving tips you need to know about.

Label Each Box with the Room It Is Destined For

If you think packing is a gruelling process, wait until it’s time to unpack! But you can save yourself much aggravation and make the unpacking process a whole lot easier by labeling boxes correctly. First of all, always use a good marker and write clearly. Label boxes according to the room that they are destined for. You can be more descriptive and list general items they contain. Do this and you will thank yourself later!

Start Packing as Early as You Can

Getting a head start on the packing process is also recommended. Avoid a situation of having to stay up into the wee hours the night before to finish packing. Clear some space in the corner of a room and begin each day by packing away items you can live without until you move.

Ensure Your New Address is Prepped and Ready

It can be easy enough to get wrapped up in the moving out process that we can forget about the moving in process. Always contact the landlord, or ensure that your new place is prepped and ready to receive the movers. That could mean reserving a parking space, reserving the elevator, or having someone on hand and ready to open the door if you’re busy cleaning up.

Overlap Dates so You Can Clean Previous Residence

When your movers come to transport all of your boxes and furniture, you don’t just get to shut the door and throw the key behind you. You need time to give the place a clean before saying your final farewell. So give yourself time by overlapping dates so that you can clean your previous residence without having to rush around to get everything done in one day.

Easing the burden of a big move all comes down to preparation, and of course, help. You can make that transition process so much easier on yourself by getting ahead of the game by starting early and keeping everything organized so that both your stuff and your new home are prepped and ready for the big moving day.

When it’s Best to Hire Movers


There’s so much involved in moving a home. The sorting, the packing, the de-junking and of course, the big move itself – it’s the type of DIY project that we’d much rather avoid. Hiring movers can ease that burden and alleviate so much of the aggravation and stress involved. And if there are certain circumstances involved, it can even be a safer option to avoid injury.

So when it is best to hire movers? Here are a few circumstances to consider avoiding a DIY move.

Old Age

Moving out a lifetime’s worth of stuff can be exhausting even for the most well-abled bodies. But for seniors, and those entering old age, it can provide an added danger to the moving process. Bending and lifting boxes and manoeuvring large, bulky items down flights of stairs can make for a very precarious and unsafe situation. And sometimes, that risk simply isn’t worth it. Get the helping hands of movers to do all of the heavy lifting for you.


Pregnancy is another circumstance where hiring movers is always highly recommended. The pressure and stress that comes with any move is often enough to endure. But the amount of physical exertion often required when moving items from your home to a truck can place an unnecessary amount of pressure on anyone – especially for expectant mothers.


As a single person, you may think your move will be a simple one that you can do alone, but once you begin to pack up all your stuff, it doesn’t take long to realize just how much even a single person living in an apartment can accumulate. It’s a lot for anyone to take on themselves, especially since you may not have those extra set of hands to help you. Handling a move is something that no individual person should attempt or endure solo.

Large Family

If you have a large family, that should be reason enough for a DIY move to never even cross your mind. When you’re not used to the amount of bending and lifting that’s required when moving, taking on your entire family move can be too much to handle.

Professional movers are well trained and use to the amount of exertion that’s required during a move. So don’t put yourself or your loved ones under pressure by taking on a move alone. Contact us today so we can take care of the heavy lifting for you. Get your Ottawa moving estimate now!


How to Have an Easier Move During Pregnancy

There are lots of unforeseen things that can happen during a move. And being pregnant surely can complicate things. But moving while you’re ‘expecting’ doesn’t have to be a frightening or stressful endeavor. With a little planning and these six tips, you can easily create a smooth move during your pregnancy. Think Ahead Getting organized Read More…

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How to Have an Easier Move During Pregnancy

There are lots of unforeseen things that can happen during a move. And being pregnant surely can complicate things. But moving while you’re ‘expecting’ doesn’t have to be a frightening or stressful endeavor. With a little planning and these six tips, you can easily create a smooth move during your pregnancy. Think Ahead Getting organized Read More…

5 Tips When Relocating for Work

Getting that dream job can be rewarding – especially if there’s a big pay increase included. But some dream jobs come with a catch – relocating! If you have to relocate for the job you’ve dreamed of, check out these five tips on how you can make relocating work for you. Research your new location Read More…

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