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Everything You Need to Know about Packing a Dining Room

Everything You Need to Know about Packing a Dining Room

When moving to a new place, packing up your things can be one of the most stressful things to do. It should be done carefully and well ahead of time to prevent anything from getting damaged. And when it comes to spaces like the dining room, it can be quite tricky to pack since the items need to be thoroughly protected to avoid breakage. If you’re stressing about how to pack up your table, chairs, and dinnerware properly – don’t be! Here’s everything you need to know about packing up a dining room.

The Most Breakable Things Go First

Secure the most breakable and fragile things like glassware, china, chandeliers, and other similar items first. Keep these delicate pieces together and make sure to use either bubble wrap or thick paper to wrap everything thoroughly before placing them in a box. And don’t forget to clearly mark the boxes as ‘fragile’ so movers will know to treat them with extra care.

Packing Silver and Flatware

To protect your silverware and flatware, do not wrap your silverware in plastic as it traps moisture against the metal causing oxidization. If your silverware is already stored in a special felt-lined box, it will be secure and protected. For further protection, or if the box does not fully stay closed, wrap it in paper and tape once around to keep it closed so the latch will not open. It is not recommended to seal or plastic wrap a silverware box since that can also trap moisture in and even ruin the leather case! Make sure you care appropriately for your silverware box since they are often valuable, especially for moving.

What To Do With Rugs

Not sure what to do with your rugs? Just roll them up and place a piece of tape on to keep them together. If you’re concerned about your rugs being marked or stained by dirt or snow during transit, we recommend wrapping them with plastic wrap to safeguard them from any messy weather. And remember, area rugs should be loaded last but unloaded first so the furniture can be placed on them when unpacking.

How To Pack Glassware

The most important tip is to wrap everything that’s fragile carefully — especially any glassware. The larger items should go first with the smaller ones placed on top. There shouldn’t be any space left inside the box, so fill up any bare areas with crumpled paper or tissue.

How To Prepare Furniture For The Big Move

For closets and cabinets, don’t forget to secure the drawers to prevent them from opening while in transit. If it’s possible, remove any table legs so they can all be packed up easily in the truck. Every screw, nut, and bolt should be stored in a plastic bag and labelled so they’re kept intact and can be found easily when you need them again.

Properly packing everything that you own can be quite overwhelming, but with the right tips and research, it can be simple and hassle-free. The key is to be organized and systematic when packing fragile items, so your belongings arrive safe and unharmed in your new home. For all of your moving related needs, trust the professionals at First Rate Movers. Our team of top-notch movers can take care of everything – even packing your dining room. Get in touch today!

What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto

What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto

Are you planning a move from Ottawa to the Greater Toronto Area? Did you know that you can save big when you coordinate your move through First Rate movers? Find out more below!




Moving from Ottawa to Toronto is not considered a ‘local’ move but rather a long distance move. Pricing for these moves is based on an hourly rate for loading and offloading, as well as a flat rate charge for the overall travel time. Our team at First Rate Movers considers the travel charge to be based on the distance between both locations, and will also depend on the size of the crew and truck that’s required to complete the move. The charge will also cover the fuel expenses, and any hotel stays or meals for the crew.




We frequently make consolidated trips to Toronto and the GTA. Give us a call to arrange an estimate, and we’ll help you properly schedule the timing of your move, so it is convenient for you. That way, if you are moving from Ottawa to Toronto, you can plan to be there close the time when your belongings arrive also.


Consolidated Trips


If you have a smaller move, then you can save money by participating in a consolidated move. This allows us to move your belongings with another person’s who is also going in the same direction. You can save up to 30% by sharing travel costs. Clients with larger moves can also save if we can coordinate a move that returns to Ottawa from Toronto on the same day. So being flexible can really pay off!


Types of Trucks


First Rate Movers have two truck options for moving: our 20’ moving truck is perfect for smaller homes or apartments. If you need something larger, we also have 26’ moving trucks with plenty of room to get all your belongings to Toronto in one trip.  If you need something in-between or have large items like furniture, we also have 16’ and 24’ trucks. Once you know exactly what you are bringing, let us know and we will help you select the right truck size for your needs.

Real Insurance Coverage


At First Rate Movers, all full-service moves include $1,000,000 of full replacement value insurance, floor protection, clean moving blankets, premium bed bags, and free use of wardrobe boxes. Moving cities is no easy feat but once you have insurance and your belongings packed up, you are already halfway done!  


To learn more about our Ottawa to Toronto moving services, request or quote or contact us today! We are here to help.


Stop Procrastinating and Prep for Your Moving Date!

Stop Procrastinating and Prep for Your Moving Date!

Procrastination affects us all, especially when it comes to things we don’t love (like preparing for a big move). When there are too many distractions or when you don’t even know where to begin, it can leave you frantic when it’s crunch time and you’re scrambling to get everything ready to go. Instead of letting that happen to you, look over and implement these steps to reset and stop procrastinating so you can get ready for your moving date.

Start By Making a “To-Do” List

When confronted with a monumental task like packing up your entire existence in preparation for a move, it can often leave us feeling like a deer stuck in headlights. With so much to do, not knowing where to begin can often become paralyzing. To get yourself going, start by grabbing a pen and paper (or your phone) and making a to-do list. Jot down everything that needs to be done before your moving date, including tasks like booking your movers, decluttering your home, buying any moving supplies you may need, packing up, and so on. Break down your steps to simplify what you need to act on and then go over your list to prioritize your tasks.

Avoid Distractions

Today’s distractions can feel almost impossible to avoid. Between your smartphone, Facebook notifications, Netflix, and more, practicing the art of discipline has never been more critical. To help stave off those pesky distractions, visualize how much stress you’ll be adding to your plate if you don’t start chipping away at your moving tasks now. Go directly to the source by turning off your notifications, scheduling in your packing time, and giving yourself an incentive once you’ve completed a chunk of moving related tasks, like watching your favourite series.

Ask a Friend for Help

If you have a friend, sibling, or someone else who’s always been great at cracking the whip and getting down to the task at hand, reach out and ask them for help. Even if they can spare an hour or two a week, it can really help you get the ball moving along. Offering them a reward like beer and pizza is usually a great incentive to win them over.

Fighting procrastination during the moving process isn’t always easy, but by being proactive and tackling what’s ahead of you, you can increase your chances at a smooth moving process. At First Rate Movers, you can count on our team of professionals to take care of your upcoming move — contact us today to learn more about our services or to get a quote.


5 Tips for Dealing with Pre-Moving Nervousness

5 tips for Dealing with Pre-Moving Nervousness

Getting ready for a big move can feel exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Anyone who has ever moved knows just how chaotic and stressful it can be — transitional periods will naturally incite feelings of uneasiness, and having to get all of your affairs sorted before the big day can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, you can help minimize stress by implementing a few useful strategies to keep you ahead of the game. To help you better prepare yourself for moving day, here are our top tips for dealing with pre-moving nervousness.

Be Prepared

A major strategy you can use to minimize the stress and uneasiness associated with moving is by being as prepared as possible before the day finally arrives. When it comes to moving, there can be a lot of uncertainty involved — this is often what makes it such a stressful life event in the first place. So, step number one is having all of the important and necessary details sorted out and finalized well ahead of time. Here’s what we’re referring to:

Booking a Reputable Moving Company

Do your research, ask around for recommendations, look up reviews online, ask for details about fees and insurance, and then book your movers as soon as you can to lock in your date.

De-Junking Your Place

Moving should always include dejunking since there’s no better time to get rid of the excess while lightening your load on moving day. Start sorting, tossing, and donating well ahead of your moving day — it will help you set yourself up for success.

Cancelling & Planning Services

Give your utility company, subscriptions, cable service, and any other services that you pay for a call to arrange your cancellation date so that you’re not being charged once you’ve relocated. Also, don’t forget to call and set up your hydro, internet, and everything else you’ll need in your new home to expedite the process down the road.

Starting to Organize and Pack

With the excess items out of the way, you can begin to better organize what you’re taking with you. Place any items that won’t be needed in the interim into boxes and tuck those into a corner so you’re not tripping over them. Gradually pack up more of what you can live without until after you move.

Dealing with pre-moving nervousness can easily be mitigated with some preparation and help from a reputable moving company. At First Rate Movers, you can count on us to help you with all of your moving-related needs. Our professional team is courteous, reliable, and insured, and are committed to delivering excellent service to all of our clients across the Ottawa area. Contact us today to book your next move!

4 Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Moving

4 Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Moving

If you’re getting ready to pack and move to a new property, make sure that you leave some time to prepare your appliances. If you forget to take the appropriate steps to securely prep them, you could be left with damaged items once you get them into your new home. Here, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to ensure they arrive safe and sound when preparing your appliances for moving.


To get your fridge ready to haul away, unplug it approximately two days before your moving date. Then disconnect the power chord and water lines and start to remove everything inside. Give the machine a good wash and then dry it out as best as possible. Check the water reservoir and evaporator pan and empty if necessary. Once completely dry, vacuum out any leftover debris as well as the condenser and filter at the back of the appliance. Safely pack or wrap up the drawers, and you’re ready to go. Your mover can help you determine if you need to have the fridge bolted down during your move.  


About a week before you move, you should run your last cycle in the dishwasher. After the cycle is complete and the machine has cooled, clean the catcher, wipe down the machine, and let it completely dry out. Once all the moisture has evaporated, disconnect and drain the hoses, wrap, and store them back inside the dishwasher. Depending on the type of racks you have, you may be able to tape these down, otherwise, remove and pack for transit.

The Stove and Oven

Gas stoves will need to have a certified technician disconnect the lines to prevent a gas leak from occurring. When this has been completed, you can then start to remove all the parts inside. If you own an electric model, you will first need to disconnect the power chord before removing the parts. With an oven-specific cleaner, give a thorough clean and then pack all the parts securely in a box. If you own a gas oven, be sure to arrange for a service technician to come to your new home to connect the gas lines back up for you.

Washing Machine

First things first, disconnect the power chord and then drain the hoses. Wipe down the inside and outside of the washer and allow it to dry. Then wrap the end of the hoses with a towel and place inside the washer. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly secure the tub during transit. If you no longer possess the instructions, talk to your move coordinator who can assist you.


Clean out the lint screen and wipe down the inside of the dryer. You may want to use a vacuum if there’s a significant amount of lint on the inside. Then disconnect the power chord if you own an electric model. For a gas dryer, you’ll need to arrange for a licensed technician to disconnect and reconnect the lines.

Your appliances are often the last thing you pack. So, it’s important to give yourself enough time to do it right. Be sure to plan accordingly and talk to your move coordinator at First Rate Movers. Our team of professionals are here to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Reasons Why Moving in the Fall is a Good Idea

Reasons Why Moving in the Fall is a Good Idea

Sometimes, you don’t have the liberty of choosing your moving date — especially if you find your dream home with a 30-day closing date. But if you’re given the option to choose, we recommend that you consider relocating in the fall. There are plenty of perks that come along with this time of year. Let’s dig a little deeper into why moving in the fall is a good idea.

The Weather is Ideal

Fall often has the most pleasant weather for moving. The days are often mild enough, so you don’t have to worry about having freezing cold hands or slippery surfaces. There’s also no intense heat or humidity to worry about. This perfect medium allows for the most pleasant moving experience by far. You will get the best work out of the moving crew at this time of year and therefore more for your money.

Kids are in School

Your older teenagers can make great helpers (sometimes), but your younger children can often unintentionally get in the way during a move. Thankfully, during the fall season, the kids are in school which means you don’t have to worry about planning for keeping them occupied throughout the process.

Less Competition Equals Better Pricing

Spring and summer are generally the busiest months out of the year when it comes to moving. Moving companies often charge premium rates during the summer months. In the Fall, you are more likely to pay regular rates or maybe even a discounted rate. If you’re looking to get a better price, this is a good time to do it.

You Can Save on Other Costs

During the high season, consumer goods are also priced at a premium. Paint, carpet, lawn furniture, and more household materials all come at a cost during the spring and summer. If you move in the fall, you can actually save money if you need to purchase these things, as many of these items go on sale during this time of year. Coordinating your move with the end of year sales can save you a lot of money all around.

Moving in the fall is really a win-win situation. But regardless of the time of year that you need to move, you’ll always receive professional, friendly, reliable, and timely service from our team at First Rate Movers.  

Consolidated Moves Between Cities Can Save You Money

Consolidated Moves Between Cities Can Save You Money

Looking for a way to save on your long distance moving costs? You should consider a consolidated move. If you’ve never heard of this option before it’s because many moving companies keep this option secret unless you ask. Why? Because they have no problem filling half a truck and charging you full price. At First Rate Movers, we offer the option of consolidated moving to our customers. To learn how consolidated moves between cities can save you money, read on!

Save When You Share

A consolidated move combines two or more moves into one full shipment. It’s the perfect option for students and those with smaller moves. When moving from Ottawa to a location along the 401 corridor, we can coordinate your move as part of a shared (consolidated) trip. That means that you share the truck space and a portion of the cost with another party. When you share, you save!

Save When You’re Flexible

Not everyone can pick their move date, but when you do have the option of being flexible, you can save hundreds of dollars in moving fees. By aligning your move with another move going to or returning from your destination city, you can share the most expensive part of the move (the travel costs) with another party. For example, you can save up to $600 off the travel charge when booking a consolidated move from Ottawa to the Toronto. To find out how you can save on your inter-city move, call First Rate Movers today.

Don’t spend money on truck space you don’t need. Instead, put that hard-earned money back in your pocket and save by using our consolidated moving option. By choosing First Rate Movers, your personal belongings will get where they need to be quickly, securely, and affordably — just like it should be. To save on your next move, contact us to get a free estimate today!

Our Storage Services are First-Rate — Just Don’t Store These Items!

Our Storage Services are First-Rate — Just Don't Store These Items!

Did you know that we offer our customers ten days of free storage? At First Rate Movers, we strive to provide the best in moving and storage solutions to help make your move that much easier. Our storage units give you the convenience and peace of mind you need at an incredible rate. You can store your items for up to 90 days with the first 10 being free. Plus, when you store with us, your valuables will be covered by our 100% full replacement value insurance and also properly wrapped and padded for protection.

You’ll never have to worry about theft or damage as our storage containers are also pest and weather-proof and located in a secure, gated facility with around the clock surveillance, laser perimeter fencing, and advanced locking systems.

In our storage containers, we can contain nearly all of your belongings! There are, however, certain items that we are not permitted to store in our non-climate-controlled containers. Learn more about these items below.


You love to throw on your favourite LP in the morning, but you might not have any space for your record collection when you first move. Although it might make sense to store your records in storage, it’s actually best to find a friend who can take care of your prized possessions until you can fit them back into your life once again. The reason for this is due to the fact that records are sensitive to heat and can easily warp if exposed to high temperatures. So if you want to maintain the quality and sound of your record collection, it’s important to keep them out of closed storage.

Oil Paintings

Paintings are both valuable and fragile. Simple fluctuations in temperature and humidity can greatly impact your oil paintings in storage. To be more precise, it can make the canvas and wood to expand and contract, leading to damage. Plus, the oil can form stress cracks, flake off, and even mould in storage, ruining your beautiful piece of art. It’s best to store them in a cool and dark room or at a professional art storage facility.

Heavily Lacquered Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is also highly sensitive to extreme temperatures and requires consistent humidity levels. Original stains, paints, and antique materials can quickly deteriorate when exposed to temperate changes. If you plan to store your lacquered antique furniture in storage, you should seek the services of an antique storage facility.


Liquids can create all kinds of trouble, which is why they’re also on the non-allowable list. Cans and bottles that are filled with liquids pose a risk of leaking or spilling that can cause damage to your belongings as well as the facility structure. Storage units also cannot ventilate toxic gases from potent chemicals, which can lead to strong and hazardous fumes. So it’s important to store any of your liquids elsewhere.


Even if you only plan to store your belongings for the short term, any perishable items should not be placed in the storage unit. Even if they are properly contained in cans or jars, they are not permitted.

At First Rate Movers, we provide the best in storage solutions for your move. When you’re ready to learn more about how you can take advantage of free storage and our discounted rates, contact us today!

How to Pack Electronics Properly

how to pack electronics properly

When it’s time to start packing for your move, it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to plan accordingly. If you just throw things into boxes, you’re sure to find a number of belongings damaged upon arrival at your new place. And, some of the most common items that end up sustaining damage during a move are electronics.

Considering these are often our favourite toys, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to pack these items away securely.  If you’re not sure how to pack electronics properly, follow this quick guide to ensure they reach your new home safely and in perfect working condition.

Back Up Your Files

If you pack your belongings correctly, you shouldn’t have to worry about any damage during transit, but you should always be prepared nonetheless. By backing up your computers onto an external hard drive or to a cloud, you can quickly obtain your files in case your device doesn’t start properly.

Dismantle Your Devices

If you’re not sure how to properly dismantle your electronic device, check the manufacturer’s guide that came with the product, or check online. You should also take some pictures of how the cords were connected correctly to help you easily set it back up after you move.

Secure Small Parts

Nothing is worse than losing the screws, wires or other items that belong to your devices. So make sure that any small cords, screws, nuts or pieces are placed in a small bag and securely taped and labelled. If you’re dealing with a printer, make sure that the ink cartridges are removed and stored adequately before packing the materials.

Wrap the Screen

The screen is the most delicate part of any electronic. To ensure it’s protected during transport, tape a cloth layer to the screen and wrap it with bubble wrap. As a word of caution, never use a rough surface like cardboard directly on the screen as it can scratch the surface.

Gently Pack Materials

Packing in the original boxes and Styrofoam is best, but if you don’t have these around, then you can use a thick cardboard box and bubble wrap or packing paper instead. Just remember to avoid using any packing materials that could conduct electricity, and only use “anti-static” materials. And if you have any moving blankets, be sure to use these to add an extra layer of protection.

Label All Boxes

Once you’ve sealed the box, make sure to label the outside. Also add the name of the room where the box should go — once it has been moved into your new home, this will help save you time and effort.

When you’re not sure how to pack electronics properly, call us at First Rate Movers. We’ll make sure that all your personal belongings and favourite items are carefully packed, stored, and moved in one piece.

How to Organize Your Belongings Before Packing

how to organize your belongings before packing

Unless it’s in regards to a vacation, the word “packing” usually comes as an unwelcome reminder. But when faced with the reality of a move, procrastination is never a good idea. So, where do you start and how can you organize your belongings before packing? Here are some easy steps to follow.

Get Out Your Calendar

Once you’ve confirmed your move, it’s time to get your calendar out to help organize your life a little, so you’re not stressed out last minute. Your moving date may seem far away, but it can creep up really fast, especially when you already have a hectic schedule. So, figure out how much time you have and go through the days to plan out your packing projects. This will help you stay organized and on track when you’re struggling to figure out what to do next.

Get Cracking Early

We all love to procrastinate in life, but pushing off your packing is just a recipe for disaster when the moving date arrives. So get cracking as early as you can. The more time you have to sort through your belongings, the easier your moving day will be.

Get Some Help

If you’re really struggling to organize through your stuff, ask for help! If you have a friend or family member or even a roommate with a kind enough heart to lend a helping hand, offer a consolation prize (like pizza and beer) in exchange for some assistance.

Declutter Your Junk

As you sort through your belongings, don’t forget to declutter as well. This is the perfect opportunity to discard all of the junk and excess that’s just been cluttering up your home. This is also where your friend or roommate can help when you’re struggling to figure out what should be tossed out, kept or donated.

Get Your Supplies

Once your junk has been decluttered, you should pick up the moving supplies that you’ll need. Boxes, packing tape, markers, and packing paper are some of the essentials that you should pick up once you’re ready to start placing your items in boxes.

Organize with Your New Place in Mind

As you pack up your stuff, make sure that you organize your packing according to what makes sense for your new place, not your current one. If your new home has a different setup, then it might not make sense to pack by room. Spend a moment or two thinking about your new layout and how to organize your packing to make it easier once you arrive and have to face the unpacking process.

At First Rate Movers, we can handle all of you moving related needs, including packing and unpacking! Call us today for a quote or to learn more about our moving services.


What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto
What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto

Are you planning a move from Ottawa to the Greater Toronto Area? Did you know that you can save big when you coordinate your move through First Rate movers? Find out more below!   Classification   Moving from Ottawa to Toronto is not considered a ‘local’ move but rather a long distance move. Pricing for Read More…

4 Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Moving
4 Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Moving

If you’re getting ready to pack and move to a new property, make sure that you leave some time to prepare your appliances. If you forget to take the appropriate steps to securely prep them, you could be left with damaged items once you get them into your new home. Here, we’ll show you exactly Read More…


What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto
What to Know About Moving from Ottawa to Toronto

Are you planning a move from Ottawa to the Greater Toronto Area? Did you know that you can save big when you coordinate your move through First Rate movers? Find out more below!   Classification   Moving from Ottawa to Toronto is not considered a ‘local’ move but rather a long distance move. Pricing for Read More…

4 Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Moving
4 Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Moving

If you’re getting ready to pack and move to a new property, make sure that you leave some time to prepare your appliances. If you forget to take the appropriate steps to securely prep them, you could be left with damaged items once you get them into your new home. Here, we’ll show you exactly Read More…

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