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5 Tips for Moving Over the Holidays

5 Tips for Moving Over the Holidays

We can’t always anticipate or control when we need to make a move, and sometimes it can happen during the most inconvenient times, like the holidays! If you’re stuck moving this Christmas season, don’t stress. We have some handy tips for moving over the holidays to help you sail through it like a pro.  

Block Off a Month to Get Organized

It’s a hectic time of year and moving is a busy process no matter when you do it. To give yourself ample time to get organized, block off the month to keep it free for getting through your to-do list. A month is usually enough time to get everything packed up and sorted. Just make sure to ask for help if you need it.

Create a Packing Plan

The last thing you want is to feel high stress and burn out when you have an entire house to pack up. To avoid this, create a packing plan, detailing where you’re going to start packing up first, room by room. Keep a spare room or section of the home for packed boxes and do a little each night. 

Let Someone Else Host Holiday Get-Togethers

If you’re usually the one to host family get-togethers over the holidays, this year let someone else take over. Moving and packing are messy and time-consuming. Having to think about food prep and all that comes with entertaining will add a lot to your plate. Instead, opt-out and give another family member the reins. That way, you can still carve out a little bit of time to enjoy the festive celebrations and then get back to packing.

Go Minimal on the Decorations

Just because you’re moving, it doesn’t mean you can’t still add some holiday decorations to your home. Add a few festive touches that you can easily pack up in one box. As for the tree, maybe choose a smaller one this year to make it easier to pack.

Book Your Movers Early

The winter is a challenging season when it comes to driving, loading up the truck and maneuvering along slippery pathways. Make sure to book professional movers who can do it all safely. 

At First Rate Movers, we deliver professional, reliable and courteous moving services that will ensure your move is a smooth one. Contact us today to book your Ottawa move!

Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move

Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move

If you’re planning to relocate in the near future, chances are you may be starting to feel those flutters of stress that often come along with this process. But even though moving is a relatively big undertaking, with a little prep and organization ahead of time, you can eliminate your stress for a completely hassle-free move. Here’s everything you need to prepare for your Ottawa move so you can be well prepared for the big day:

Early Prep and Dejunking

The sooner you can jump on the preparation process, the easier it will be for you since you can gradually scratch off one or two things on your to-do list every day. This early prep stage should include:

  • Dejunking your home, room by room– discard, recycle or donate anything you haven’t used in the past year or will never realistically use again. 
  • Create a master checklist to keep on track and organized. 
  • Take inventory of the items that will be coming to your new home so you can book the appropriate movers and trucks. Specifically, list out your large appliances and furniture to get a proper estimate once you book.
  • Notify your employer to take the time off that’s needed. 
  • Make a plan for your kids or pets so they won’t be in the way.

Book Your Movers

Once you have an idea of all the belongings you’ll be taking with you, it’s time to book your movers. When you’re doing your research, here are some key points to look out for the ensure you’re choosing a good, reputable company:

  • Look at their ratings from previous clients on Google and especially on the BBB
  • Get a comprehensive estimate that includes the estimated cost, minimum charge, insurance coverage details, and make sure that the estimate includes the list that it is based on. If the estimate does not include the list, it means nothing.
  • Ask what insurance coverage is included and ask for proof of insurance. Any legitimate company should be able to provide a Certificate of insurance on request.
  • Ask if the movers are bonded and WSIB covered.
  • Check to see if they are certified by the Canadian Association of Movers
  • Once you’re comfortable with the selected movers, lock in your date.

Supplies and Packing

  • Order necessary supplies, including boxes, a tape gun, tape, markers, and bubble wrap. 
  • Pick up cleaning supplies – perform a deep clean before leaving and unpacking in the new home.
  • Start packing up your home, leaving only the essentials on hand until the move. 
  • Take note of delicate or fragile items and prep them for the move. Keep electronics together with taped up wires. Take pictures to remember how to hook up properly.
  • Carefully store away important documents and files so you can take them with you in your vehicle.

Switch Over Home Services to Your New Address

Don’t forget to cancel/change home services such as:

  • Cable, internet, TV, phone
  • Utility provider
  • Address for the bank, credit cards, driver’s license etc.
  • Memberships and subscriptions

Clean Your Home

Leaving your home clean is all part of the moving process to welcome its new owners. It also leaves the right impression behind. Once you’ve packed up the majority of your belongings, focus on giving those high traffic areas a deep cleaning. 

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Hallways
  • Doors that often get fingerprints and dirt caked on them
  • Sweep and mop the floors

Make sure to keep those cleaning supplies handy so you can give your new home a clean before you unpack!

Register Your Kids for Their New School

If you have kids and are moving to a new neighbourhood, you’ll need to notify their school personnel well ahead of your move to give them a heads up. This way, their teachers can help wrap up their lessons or projects, make adjustments and collect necessary documents to assist in a smooth transition to their new school. Also, if you’re unsure about where to register your kids in your new neighbourhood, ask their current teachers. They can often provide good recommendations, especially since they know your children and understand their unique needs. 

You can also ask your real estate agent about good, reputable schools in your new area. Ironing out these details early on can help make it easier for your kids to adjust to their new environment with minimal challenges. 

Find Your Ottawa Essential Services 

For new Ottawa residents, don’t forget to begin looking for a new doctor, dentist and other essential services. If you have family or friends in your new neighbourhood, ask them for recommendations. It’s good to get these set up sooner than later so you’re not stuck in a situation where you suddenly need an appointment and don’t have a family doctor or dentist to turn to. Sometimes there can be a waiting list so it’s important to be proactive!

Visit Your New Neighbourhood

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. But it should also be exciting to start your new chapter. To keep the excitement alive and get the kids geared up for their new home, take some time to visit your new neighbourhood. Learn what amenities are close by, where the closest playground and park is located, and see what you have to look forward to!

Moving Day!

Once the day finally rolls around, pack up and seal any remaining boxes. Clear the hallways and stairways in preparation for the movers. Have some water and snacks on hand to keep hydrated and fueled up too. 

First Rate Movers is here when you need professional movers that you can depend on. Our moving crews have been impressing clients since 2003 and have rightly earned our reputation as Ottawa’s best moving company. Get in touch with us today to book your move or to learn more.

Where Can I Sell, Donate or Dispose of My Belongings in Ottawa?

Where Can I Sell, Donate or Dispose of My Belongings in Ottawa?

Do you have unused furniture or items that you’re looking to get rid of before or after your move? There are plenty of resources in Ottawa and surrounding areas that you can use to either sell, donate or dispose of your belongings.


There are numerous online sites and marketplaces you can use to sell your new and used belongings in Ottawa. These include companies like, Letgo, VarageSale, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace, all fantastic resources you can use to list articles for sale in your local community. These sites are great if you are looking to sell individual items, but if you want to sell everything in one go, is the resource to use. They’ll make the process simple by organizing a one-day sale where everything can be sold! They will invite buyers who are looking for your items on sale and will also handle junk removal if there are any items still remaining following the sale.


While some of your items may be disposable to you, donating these items allows for the chance of someone who finds them more useful picking them up. There are multiple charities and organizations in Ottawa that would be glad to take any items you may wish to donate. Helping with Furniture, Furniture Bank, and Matthew House Ottawa will pick up your unwanted items and give them to families in need. Salvation Army, The Habitat for Humanity Restore, and St. Vincent De Paul will also pick up your items and put them up for sale in their own thrift shops. In addition, you always have the option of donating your things to your local Goodwill or Value Village store.


If you have unwanted items that you would categorize as junk, don’t just toss them to the curb. There are junk removal specialists available in the Ottawa area that can remove any items you no longer want and find methods of properly disposing of or donating them. Many of these professional services also offer same day junk removal and are even willing to clean up after. The local junk removal companies you can call include Just Junk, Take it Away Junk Removal, 1-800 Got Junk, Junk That Funk, A Man and His Truck, and Capital Junk.

You might have items that you don’t want to get rid of and would prefer to have them stored in advance of a move or planned downsize. In these situations, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our team today for both your short and long term storage needs. 

The Hidden Costs of DIY Moving

The Hidden Costs of DIY Moving

Are you planning the DIY moving route to save a little bit of money? If you’re considering doing all the packing, loading and transporting yourself, it’s a good idea to consider the hidden costs of DIY moving first before deciding. You might be surprised at all the unexpected fees that you’ll be facing when moving your own stuff.  Here are just a few of those costs you can expect:

Truck Rental Costs 

Did that “$19.99” dollar-a-day U-Haul deal convince you that it’s cheaper to rent a truck then to hire a moving company? You might want to look over that fine print more closely. That low advertised price is just the flat rate. It doesn’t cover any of the additional fees like insurance, environmental fees, gas mileage, and taxes. Fees also scale quite drastically when you need a larger truck (which you likely will). It’s not uncommon for a one-day rental to set you back around $200-300 in rental fees once you’ve returned it.  Moving trucks are also big gas guzzlers. The cost to fill a regular van can set you back around $50, while the bigger trucks can be anywhere between $100-200 for each fill.

Medical Expenses

It’s also not uncommon for people to end up hurting themselves during a move. Lifting heavy boxes improperly, slipping and falling, and carrying furniture up and down stairs can do a number on your body and even result in serious injury. Beyond the pain killers you’ll need for those aching muscles, you could also face expensive medical costs and lost wages if you do end up hurting yourself during the move. 

Your Personal Time

Did you know that it can take over 48-straight hours to pack up everything – and that’s just packing. If you’re planning to load the truck as well, add on another 10-20 hours of time for DIY moving. Every hour you are spending on shopping for supplies, packing the boxes and loading the truck is time that could be better spent on more important things.

Treating Friends and Family

If you’re planning a DIY move, you’re going to need help. And although your friends and family will always say yes, they’ll likely want something in return for their good deed. This puts you on the hook for treating them to dinner, drinks and other big favours in the near future. 

Is it worth it? In most cases, DIY moving is not, especially when you take all of the above points into consideration and compare it to hiring a moving company. The costs to do it yourself will add up, and in most cases, end up cost you more than hiring a company to do it all for you. At First Rate Movers, we make the cost of hiring a moving team completely worth it. Contact us today to learn about our moving costs and what’s covered. 

How to Save On a Long-Distance Move

How to Save On a Long-Distance Move

Transporting your belongings between cities and provinces can quickly add up. Between the mileage, fuel, crew expenses and labour costs, you could be facing thousands of dollars in moving fees. But what if you could cut that cost down by half or even more? There’s a lesser-known option out there that only some moving companies offer and that’s called consolidated moving. If you don’t need a full truck and can be flexible, this option can help you save big on a long-distance move. Learn how consolidated services work and whether it’s the right option for you!

How Does Consolidated Moving Work?

If you don’t need an entire moving truck for all of your belongings and you can be flexible on timing, the moving company can book your move with others who are going to similar destinations. By sharing the truck, you will be splitting the flat fees for distance travelled and travel time with someone else, cutting the cost down significantly.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount of savings will depend on the amount of space you need, the distance travelled, among other factors. In most cases, people save between $100 and $500 by using consolidated moving services. 

Are There Any Risks?

Not at all. Our team of professional movers will strategically pack the truck and take all of the necessary steps to ensure your items are properly loaded onto the truck to avoid any mix-ups. 

Where Do I Sign Up?

Contact us at First Rate Movers today. We’ll put you on our consolidated move list and attempt to pair you up with someone who is leaving from your area and heading to the same destination. Then we’ll get back to you with the available dates and times. If it works with your schedule, we will present you with the estimated fees and book you in. It’s as simple as that!

What If I Can’t Find a Match?

We will always do our best to arrange for the move on your preferred date. If we can’t match you with someone, we will find another option for you that will meet your specific needs and budget. 

Ready to try consolidated moving? Contact us today at First Rate Movers to talk to our customer support team today to find out if we have a match for you!

Why Do I Need Packing and Moving Services?

Why Do I Need Packing and Moving Services?

Whether you’re relocating your office, apartment or family home, professional packing and moving services are one of the best ways to make that process safer, easier and more efficient. Many see moving as an overwhelming hassle that they just don’t have the time or energy to deal with. Thankfully, you can leave it to the pros to pack up all of your things carefully, and then transport it all to your new home hassle-free. If you’re feeling unsure and wondering whether you need packing and moving services, here are the main ways it can benefit you.

Saves Time

Regardless of the task at hand, when you hire professionals, they’re trained and experienced at what they do, which means they’re more diligent, knowledgeable and efficient. With so much experience under their belts, movers know exactly what to do when it comes to planning, organizing, packing, and transporting. They eliminate the time-consuming process and can get it done in a fraction of the time. So you can reserve your time for things that matter most.

It’s Safer for You and Your Belongings

Packing up fragile items incorrectly, transporting hazardous materials and using improper footing down awkward stairwells are just a few examples of the risks that are often involved when people decide to pack and move on their own. This is one of the main reasons why many choose to call in the experts. With the proper training and expertise, professional movers have the knowledge of how to do things safely to ensure there’s no damage to your property or items, and there’s no injury sustained during the moving process. Plus, if anything does happen, most professional moving companies are insured, so everything is covered just in case.

First Rate Movers has you covered for all of your moving needs in Ottawa, including packing and unpacking services. Our crew is highly trained, experienced and reliable to ensure your move is as pleasant as can be. Contact us today to lock in your date or to learn more about us.

5 Ways to Make Your Move Stress-Free

5 Ways to Make Your Move Stress-Free

Moving can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be such a dreaded process. There are simple ways to make your move stress-free and even enjoyable when you can minimize the headaches and focus on starting the new chapter of your life instead. Here are some of our top suggestions to help make your move as simple as possible.

Get Started Now

Whether you’re moving a small apartment, a home or commercial property, relocating is a big process. That’s why we recommend getting started now, because the more you can break that process down into baby steps, the easier and less stressful it will be. 

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use

Moving is the best time to reevaluate the stuff that you’ve held on to for years and never used. There’s no point in taking items with you just to put them back up on a shelf for another few years. Instead, use this time to declutter and clear out any of your belongings that don’t serve any real purpose. It will make your move easier and much faster since there will be less to pack up and relocate.

Create a Master To-Do List

It can feel overwhelming when there’s so much to get done and you don’t know where to start. This can lead to procrastination and last-minute moving prep, which is a guaranteed recipe for a stress-filled moving day. To avoid this, create a master To-Do list of all the things you need to get done. Add a timeline if needed to help keep you organized and on track so you can refer back to your list and know what you need to get done each week leading up to your moving date. 

Don’t Delay on Booking Your Movers

Good, reputable moving companies tend to book up fast, and if you’re planning to move during a busy season like summer or fall, you might not be able to reserve the date you need. To ensure you can secure your move with the company you want, don’t delay when it comes to booking movers. Once you have your move-out date confirmed, lock in your movers as soon as possible so you won’t have to worry about it.

Ask for Help

Tackling this process on your own is a lot to deal with, especially if you’re juggling a career and family. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get your kids and spouse involved or ask a relative or BFF to lend you some time to help pack up your stuff. Offering to reciprocate the help, and providing pizza and beverages are usually good incentives. 

First Rate Movers is here when you need a moving company in Ottawa that you can count on with your relocation. Our crew is professional, highly trained, insured and ready to help make your move as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more or to get an upfront quote.

When is the Best Time to Move?

When is the Best Time to Move

Wondering when’s the best time to move? Each season has benefits and drawbacks, which we’ll outline in detail here to help you make a decision. But overall, it will come down to your needs and budget. If you can be flexible, follow this short guide below to find the best time to move for you.


The end of May kicks off the peak moving season and runs steadily until the fall. This makes the summer and fall months the busiest and most expensive time to move. However, the summertime is a great time to move if you have kids and don’t want to take them out of class in the middle of the semester. Weather is also a bonus during this time of year. With dryer days and longer daylight hours, you won’t have to worry about rushing the move or dealing with unfavourable weather. 


If you don’t have kids, the fall season is an ideal time to move. September and October tend to have decent weather with cooler daytime temperatures. Moving during this time of year will also give you enough time to prepare the home before the winter arrives. So if you need to replace the roof, paint the outdoors, or close up a pool, you can do it with ease before the temperature drops below zero.


Winter might not have the best weather for moving, but these conditions don’t slow our team down! If you’re moving in the winter and want to make sure that your valuables are best protected from the harsh outdoor elements, working with a moving company is a great idea. We have ample experience performing winter moves, and can seamlessly transfer your belongings from A to B with ease. Also, with fewer moves on the docket, the moving company can more easily accommodate your schedule and timeline. 


Before the peak season kicks in mid-May, there’s a block of time that will reward you with decent weather and moving rates. The end of March and throughout April also tends to have milder temperatures and less rain. The only thing you really need to contend with is your schedule. Spring is often exam time for students and vacation time for families, but if this doesn’t deter you, it’s a great time to take advantage of the good rates and availability before the high season starts up again.   

When you hire First Rate Movers, you can count on a professional, reliable, and hassle-free moving process no matter what time of year it is. Unlike other movers, we only hire full-time employees, no part-timers or seasonal staff. That means we have a dedicated team ready to serve you no matter what time of the year it is. Contact us today to learn more about our top-rated services and to book your relocation, packing services, or storage space

What Items Should I Put in a Storage Container?

What Items Should I Put in a Storage Container?

Are you considering renting a storage container for your move? Storage containers are weatherproof and pest-proof, but they’re not always climate controlled. That means there are some items that can spoil or even explode if you place them in a non-climate controlled storage container. To ensure that you’re storing the right things in your container, follow this short guide to store smart.

What’s Safe to Put in a Self-Storage Container?

Are your boxes taking over your home? Do you have furniture that you want to keep but will no longer fit in your new space? Self-storage containers are a great option when you need to store items during and after your move. When you’re ready to free up more space with a storage unit, these items below are safe to store in your container:

  • Sporting goods 
  • Decorations like your Christmas tree and Halloween decorations
  • Items you want to donate but don’t have time to organize during your move
  • Furniture you want to keep but are not planning to use right now
  • Collectibles and toys you wish to store
  • Back-up appliances

What Should I Avoid Placing in a Storage Container?

The following items should never be placed in storage that is not climate controlled: Records, paintings, antique furniture, flammable or corrosive materials, food and perishable items, plants and soil, bottles or cans, and irreplaceable items like your passports and birth certificates. Boxes of documents, files and other important papers should also stay out of the storage containers unless they’re temperature controlled.

These items should remain safely at your home to ensure nothing damages or spoils your other belongings in the container or attracts unwanted rodents, insects and odours.

How Should the Items Be Stored?

How can you ensure that your items are protected while in storage? Use boxes, bubble wrap, and blankets to protect your belongings from damage. Be sure to label everything clearly and position the labelling outwards so you can easily find what you need when you need it. Also, don’t forget to take pictures and make a detailed inventory list before you store them as a reminder. 

Need storage for your move? We offer FREE short-term storage for up to 10 days, as well as discounted rates of up to 50% off when you use our storage for up to 90 days. We also offer 100% full replacement value insurance – the best possible insurance in the industry. Contact our office today to learn more about our storage options for your next move. 

How to Create the Ultimate Moving Checklist

How to Create the Ultimate Moving Checklist

If you want your move to be as painless as possible, you need a moving checklist to keep you organized. If you’re not sure how to create one for your needs, follow this simple guide below to help you customize a list that will keep you on track and remind you of important dates and tasks.  

Write Out Everything You Will Need to Do

Start by writing out everything you will need to do as part of your move. You can use existing lists online to help guide you, but your list should be fully customized to your specific needs. For instance, if you are moving with children, you’ll need to look into new schools for your kids and register them before you arrive. On the other hand, if you’re moving into an apartment and will need a roommate, you’ll need to do your prior research to help you find a compatible roommate before you move in. 

Make Your List as Detailed as Possible

You should never just write down a task on your checklist without having a detailed list of what exactly you need to do to complete it. The more detailed you make your checklist, the better. For example, the task “research moving companies” should also have detailed notes outlining the questions you will need to ask regarding their rates, insurance policies, packing/unpacking services, storage options, etc. The more information you have, the less likely you’ll miss an important step during the process that can leave you scrambling at the last minute.

Organize Your List in Stages

There’s a lot to get done during your move, and the last thing you want is to leave everything to the week before. To avoid a very stressful last two weeks, organize your checklist into stages. This list should include itemizing everything you will need to do two months before your move, as well as one month, two weeks, one week, and one day prior to your moving date. This way you won’t get overwhelmed, and you’ll always be two steps ahead, fully prepared at each stage.    

Get a moving checklist made by the pros. At First Rate Movers, we provide you with all the moving guides and advice you need for an effortless move. Visit our website today to print a copy of our moving checklist and when you book your move, talk with our coordinators to help you customize it as needed.


5 Tips for Moving Over the Holidays
5 Tips for Moving Over the Holidays

We can’t always anticipate or control when we need to make a move, and sometimes it can happen during the most inconvenient times, like the holidays! If you’re stuck moving this Christmas season, don’t stress. We have some handy tips for moving over the holidays to help you sail through it like a pro.   Block Read More…

Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move
Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move

If you’re planning to relocate in the near future, chances are you may be starting to feel those flutters of stress that often come along with this process. But even though moving is a relatively big undertaking, with a little prep and organization ahead of time, you can eliminate your stress for a completely hassle-free Read More…


5 Tips for Moving Over the Holidays
5 Tips for Moving Over the Holidays

We can’t always anticipate or control when we need to make a move, and sometimes it can happen during the most inconvenient times, like the holidays! If you’re stuck moving this Christmas season, don’t stress. We have some handy tips for moving over the holidays to help you sail through it like a pro.   Block Read More…

Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move
Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Ottawa Move

If you’re planning to relocate in the near future, chances are you may be starting to feel those flutters of stress that often come along with this process. But even though moving is a relatively big undertaking, with a little prep and organization ahead of time, you can eliminate your stress for a completely hassle-free Read More…

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