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Can You Make a Profit With Your Move?

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Moving, without a doubt, can be one of the biggest nuisances we have to endure in life.  And let’s be honest, even when your good friends bail on lending a hand, you can’t really blame them. But what if you could make a profit with each move you make? It is possible if you dedicate a small fraction of your time. Here are a few ways you can try.

Sell your Empty Boxes

You know after that big move, you’re left with a plethora of empty boxes? Well rather than just throw them out or toss them in a corner of the basement, why not sell them? With the wonderful world of technology, you have so much opportunity available at your fingertips.

So jump online to Craigslist, or whatever local buy and sell site you prefer. If anyone has moved before, they know just how much it can cost to fork out for new moving boxes from a store. If you can’t get any bites, try dedicated sites such as BoxCycle where you can get anywhere from 50 cents to $2 per box.

Sell Furniture

With furniture, rather than tossing it onto the curb, take a little extra time to snap a few photos and put it online as well. If you’re finding that you aren’t getting any responses, try listing them on Krrb or Chairish – these sites are specifically designed for that purpose.

Failing that, consignment stores will list your furniture for you, pricing them for approximately 30% of the original cost and giving you about half of that if it sells. But the benefit is that they can target a more filtered audience, with more potential bites. The disadvantage is that if your furniture doesn’t sell within a month, the price will continue to drop.

Old Electronics and Tools

If you have a bunch of old electronics, cell phones, or power tools wasting space in box, you can potentially gain a few extra dollars for them. For any old cellphones that are still working, look for an ecoATM in your area. Like an ATM machine, it will spit you out some cash on the spot once it has analyzed the model. Alternatively, you can try sites such as Gazelle or uSell.

For any old power tools, your best bet for getting rid of them is through eBay. Take a look on the site to see what other people have generally listed them for and follow suit.

Moving is painful enough, so why not try to make a little profit from it? Use these tips to find ways that you can easily make some extra cash with your move.

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