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A Quick Guide to Unpacking

A Quick Guide to Unpacking

Now First Rate Movers has done the hard work of moving, and all of your worldly belongings are in your new home. Unpacking might seem like an overwhelming process, but with a little patience and structure you can make it through and get settled into your new home faster than you ever expected.

Let’s explore how you can unpack your boxes and get settled in:

Place Boxes Where They Should Be

Your professional movers will place your boxes in the right place, as long as they are labelled. Take the time before the move to properly label boxes, remembering that “bathroom” is not a precise enough label if your new home has four bathrooms! Don’t dare open a box unless it is in the right place – it’s a lot harder to carry ten handfuls of toys to the playroom than it is to carry one single box. Once every box is where it should be, you can get started.

Essential Items First

You should unpack your essential items before you unpack trinkets, unworn clothes, DVDs you haven’t watched in ten years, and so on. If you’re uncertain what counts as an essential, think back to the items you don’t want to pack because you needed them right at the end. Think things like your toothbrush, cell charger, coffee machine, and your child’s favourite stuffed animal. This way, even if your unpacking process is slow or gets interrupted you won’t have to dig through boxes to find the must-haves.

Have a Vision In Place

Don’t unpack haphazardly. For example it doesn’t make sense to unpack books if your bookcase hasn’t been assembled yet. It doesn’t make sense to unpack your bedsheets and make the bed if you plan to wash them anyway. Don’t just unpack for the sake of unpacking – put everything where it belongs. Just because it is out of the box doesn’t mean you are settled in.

Take Your Time

You can unpack everything on day one – but you don’t have to. Focus on the essential rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and only the essential items. You need to have toilet paper and your toothbrush/toothpaste, but you don’t need to have that piece of artwork hanging on the bathroom wall. There is nothing wrong with knocking two rooms off the “to do” list and then taking a break.

First Rate Movers has been providing expert advice to Ottawa homeowners since 2003. If you have any questions about moving in Ottawa or would like to book a move, just give us a call!

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