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6 Best Ways to Pack for a Move

6 Best Ways to Pack for a Move

It doesn’t matter how organized you are in life – when it comes to moving, chaos can easily ensure if you decide to leave packing to the last minute. To avoid common pitfalls and headaches on moving day, learn some of the best ways to pack for a move with our top tips from the experts below.

Start Now

Ask any moving expert, and they’ll tell you that time is the secret ingredient to avoiding stress and chaos on the day of your big move. And the more time you have – the better. We recommend starting at least three months before your official moving date so you can slowly get organized, chip away at your to-do list, and have everything packed and ready to go for your next chapter.

Get Rid of Clutter

Moving is also an ideal time to reassess your belongings and toss out what you no longer need. Starting early gives you enough time to sort and assess your stuff while packing. Anything that you haven’t worn, seen or used in the past two years, get rid of. Keep a box or large bag handy, so you can put in anything you wish to donate, sell or throw away. This will also make moving day go much faster with fewer items to transport!

Don’t Cheap Out On Boxes

Sure, you could stroll over to your neighbourhood grocery or liquor store to snag some free boxes, but they are seldom the right size. Standard moving boxes are always recommended since they are designed for this exact purpose and are much more durable. Proper moving boxes are standard in size which makes packing the moving truck easier and more efficient. Consider that every dollar spent on a proper moving box is likely to save you $4-$5 in labour. They are not so much an expense as an investment.

Pack By Room

Always pack up your belongings one room at a time and keep those similar items together. This makes the unpacking process so much easier when the movers can place down each box in the right room, so you don’t have to reshuffle everything afterward. 

Use Lighter Items to Fill Boxes

Though we suggest keeping similar items together, this isn’t always feasible with heavier things, like pots, pans, and other dishware. To disperse the weight of each box, combine a few lighter items with heavier ones. For example, add towels, accessories, or lighter blankets on top of pots and pans to fill up the remainder of the box without making it extra heavy for the movers to lift and carry.

Label As You Go

Remember to keep a marker handy as you pack up each box. Then clearly label the boxes according to which room the contents came from and what they contain.  Make sure your writing is big, clear and legible. It can make things easier to mark the contents on the sides of the boxes as well so that you know what is in them when they are stacked on top of each other. Don’t forget to mark off ones that are fragile so the movers can easily identify which ones require extra care.

Prefer to have someone else do some or all of the packing for you? At First Rate Movers, our team is here to help! Whether you need to move your entire household or just a few pieces of furniture relocated, our full-service moving company is your best choice for moving help in Ottawa. You can count on our professional and reliable team to handle your belongings with the utmost care. Get in touch today to get a quote and lock in your date!

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