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5 Ways to Prevent Physical Injuries During a Move

5 Ways to Prevent Physical Injuries During a Move

Moving your entire life’s belongings is no easy feat – even if you’re in great shape. With so many big, heavy and bulky items to maneuver around tight corners, down the stairs and safely into the truck, it can easily lead to sudden injuries. To prevent a sprained ankle or serious trip and fall, here are some helpful ways to prevent physical injuries during a move.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

There are some activities and tasks that can easily be filed under the DIY category, but moving your entire household shouldn’t be one of them. This is one of those life events where it’s always worth it to bring in the pros – after all, it’s what they do best! A professional moving company is trained and experienced at handling bulky, heavy items, and using the proper techniques and footing to ensure the process runs smoothly and safely. They also have insurance if something does happen.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

It can be tempting to fill boxes to the brim, but this can be one of the easiest ways to provoke injuries. If you’re left with half-empty boxes that are already feeling heavy, add lighter belongings instead, like towels or clothing to utilize that space without increasing the weight load. A good standard weight to aim for is about 20 to 25 pounds per box. 

Make Sure Walkways are Clear

It’s important to eliminate any potential tripping hazards since it’s not easy to see the ground when you’re carrying boxes or furniture. So ensure that all pathways in your home and around the truck are cleared of any obstacles, including snow, tree trimmings, garbage cans or toys.

Use the Proper Lifting Technique

Learn from the pros on how to employ the proper techniques when lifting boxes. Always lift with your legs in a steady motion, bend at the knees and keep your back straight without twisting or jerking the body abruptly. 

Take Time to Stretch and Hydrate

Many of us tend to underestimate the amount of physical work it takes to move. Before jumping into the process, take time to stretch. This will help loosen and warm up your muscles to prevent spasms and injuries. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated, especially during those summer moves!

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