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5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Move

5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Move

Anticipating and preparing to relocate can have a significant impact on your family– especially when kids are involved. Moving with children can be challenging, stressful, and chaotic with so much change going on. Having to leave behind a familiar environment, along with family and friends, isn’t easy when you’re little. It can be scary for children to understand. Luckily, there are some strategies and helpful ways to prepare your kids for a move and make the process go as seamless as possible. Here they are:

Pack While Your Toddler Is Sleeping

If you have young toddlers, getting the spare time and free hands to pack everything up isn’t always a simple task. That’s why it’s best to wait until you’ve put them down for a nap to tackle those boxes. Trying to juggle everything at once will just leave you feeling more exhausted with little done to prepare you for the big moving day.

Let Them Express Their Concerns

Leaving their home, neighbourhood, and friends behind is a big deal for kids. During these big life changes, they need to be comforted, reassured, and feel like they’re being heard. So, give them the time to express themselves and share what they’re feeling. And when they ask questions about the move, be honest with them.

Show Them Their New Neighbourhood

To get your kids excited about their new home, take a drive to show them what their new neighbourhood will look like. This will let them see all of the benefits of moving so they can dissipate those fears and get excited instead.

Let Them Get Involved

If the kids want to help out, let them. Giving them liberties with certain decisions can also be beneficial for settling their feelings of uneasiness. Tell them they can choose the colour of paint for their new bedroom, determine what toys can come with them, and get them involved with the packing if they ask.

Continue With Your Regular Routine

Whether it’s pizza Sundays or game night on Fridays, try and stick with as many of your regular routines as possible. This will add some stable familiarity during this hectic phase.

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