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5 Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to a New School

A boy in a classroom smiles

Children are usually a lot more resilient than we think. At the same time, everyone has a time when they are pulled from an environment that they know and dumped into one that is completely foreign to them, especially during their younger and developing years. This is especially true if you are planning a move to a different neighbourhood in Ottawa or a new city.

If your child is going to have to adjust to a new school in the future, here are just a couple of tips and tricks to help make that process a little easier on everyone.

Give your child time to adjust

A big mistake that a lot of parents make when uprooting their child and bringing them to a new school is the idea that making new friends is somehow going to happen almost instantly, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, some children are naturally very social, but almost all children are going to be reeling from being uprooted from all of their other friends and are going to be at least a little bit apprehensive about meeting new ones.

Expect a rough and rocky six weeks or so until the ship rights itself and they have time to adjust. Don’t keep bringing up whether or not they’ve been able to make new friends, as you’ll only add more stress and pressure to the process.

Enroll them in sports and activities

School is a fantastic place for kids to socialize and make new friends, but the structure of school might not offer quite as many opportunities to create and forge friendships as sports and activities can.

Try to get your child as active in these activities as possible, supporting any and all of the activities that they are interested in just as much as you’re able to.

Encourage them to interact with their friends as often as they can

The last thing that you want to do when your child is just starting out to make new friends is to stifle that activity in any way. What you’ll want to do instead is make sure that they have every opportunity to interact with their friends as often as they can, even if that means baking a couple of extra batches of cookies for the neighbourhood kids or hosting sleepovers on the weekend.

Find ways to befriend the parents

It’s a lot easier for children to make new friends with kids in a new school when they have interactions with those children “after hours.” If you’re able to make friends with the parents of children in your kid’s classes, you make things a lot easier.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you were able to make a couple of new friends as well!

Keep to your regular routine (as much as possible, anyway)

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to try and normalize the transition as much as possible. Really try to stick to your regular routine (as much as you’re able to) to give a bit of stability to the entire process.

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