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3 Reasons You May Need Storage for Your Move

3 Reasons You May Need Storage for Your Move

Sometimes, it isn’t always practical to move all of your belongings immediately with you when gearing up for a move. Life can throw some unexpected curve balls during that chaotic moving process, and when it does, it can be necessary to find somewhere to store your furnishings and items until you can iron out those kinks in your plans. And although placing your items in storage may not have crossed your mind, it’s always wise to be prepared:

Conflict with Closing Dates

As much as we try to plan out the details during those important moments in life, we can’t always avoid hiccups in our plans. Moving is often a very stressful period of time. Details can easily get mistaken or simply not work out as you would like them to. And when there’s a conflict with your closing dates, having a place where you can easily place your furniture in the interim can eliminate a lot of that pressure and stress.

De-Clutter your House for Staging

Staging has become a very necessary component when it comes to placing your home up for sale. In order to grab the attention of potential buyers, you need to create a space that is desirable. And sometimes, that means getting rid of many of your own personal belongings to make room for staged items. Again, this can often throw an unexpected wrinkle in your plans, causing you to scramble for somewhere to store your items to de-clutter you home and make way for the staged furniture.

Holding Items for Someone Else

Have you been ignoring your roommate’s old furnishings for years? Have you been holding onto items for someone else? If your moving time offers a conflicting situation with belongings that aren’t yours, and with owners who aren’t immediately available, a storage unit can once again be the factor that you need to alleviate that stress and aggravation. By placing them in a storage unit to deal with at a later time, you can instead, focus on dealing with your own belongings.

At First Rate Movers, we offer our customers up to 10 days of short-term storage at no extra cost, and up to 60 days of storage at discounted rates. Whether there’s a conflict with your closing dates, or you simply need to store some extra items away before dealing with them, we can provide space for your furnishings to give you that peace of mind that you need during the hectic moving process. Contact us today to learn about the details.

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