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We consider moves to be “local moves” when both the origin and destination are within 100 kilometers of Ottawa’s City Hall, based on the fastest route. The charges for a local move will incorporate a standard hourly charge for travel time at the contracted rate. Travel time is to cover the cost of getting the crew to the job, refuelling, and returning to the office at the end of the job. For local moves, the time between the customer’s addresses is considered part of the moving time.

We charge a standard travel time of 1-hour for moves beginning and ending within 30 kilometers of Ottawa’s City Hall. That travel time increases in 15-minute increments for locations further away.

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An apartment the size of 1.5-bedroom or less will typically be in the range of $640-$880

A two-bedroom apartment move typically costs $960-$1290, and costs scale up to a 3-bedroom house in the range of $1505-$1720.

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How Much Does It Cost to
Hire Ottawa Movers?

The price for your local Ottawa move will depend on a number of factors, mostly based on the time required to load your belongings, drive to the destination, and then unload at your new place. 

Example: You hire a 2-man moving crew at $160/hour to move your belongings. Your move starts in Kanata at 9:00 AM. Your crew finishes unloading at your new home in Orleans at 2:00 PM. The elapsed time for your move is 5 hours. The total time billed for would be 6 hours (the elapsed time for your move plus one hour for travel time). Your bill totals to 6 hours x $160 = $960 + tax.